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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Really Beauty on Budget

For the money savers out there.

I got the question a lot, how to do make up with less budget. And i really need to practice again after 3 month didn't do any make up at all on me either on someone else. I decided to do this post, anyway my friends already remind me about my absence on blogging so here you go...

The tips that i got from my own experience that i hope can help you guys figure it out.
  1. Know your skin type and choose the right skin care, make up is easier to applied on healthy skin
  2. Choose carefully for the foundation and match the shade with your skin tone
  3. Choose the decorative products on neutral color, and add some bright color to your collection. ex : you can get a nice neutral brown eyeshadow quad and can get some pink, blue or black eyeshadow to add in your collection. You can experiment on the color, but neutral always is the best choice
  4. Get yourself a good primer for face and primer for eyes.
  5. And remember less is more, you don't have to put on everything on your face while doing make up, if you go bold on eyes make sure you make everything else is light. 
I got 2 models, meet Melinda and Melan. Melinda asked for make up that Korean and Japanese looks like and Melan asked for more lady rocker look but not too gothic. Both asked for easy 15 minutes make up (of course budgeted). 

Sari ayu 25th year Eyeshadow Palette
Marcks loose powder in creme
Revlon shine control
Inez liquid foundies
Pixy liquid eyeliner (black)
Red A lipstick (nude)
Evanysenses waterproof mascara
ELF eyelash curler
Some random brushes (Majelier and Masami Shouko)

Didn't read any blush on and eyebrow pencil? Yes, i didn't use any. I used the lipstick and applied it like i applied cream blush, with finger and blend it. For the eye brow i use dark chocolate eye shadow and brush to applied them.



Only false lashes that missing in both of this look i think. If use false lashes the eyes will pop out.

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