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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dress Up in 2011 Trend with Your Old Outfit - Part 1

In my previous blog, i write that we can mix and match our old outfit to embrace the newest trend of the year.
Trend is back all the time, jeans jacket is still HOT item, colorful outfit especially red wine color is the newest baby in town.

Here's some tips to looking good n stylish without being broke :
  • Find out the newest trend and make sure you are comfortable with it, and it suit your body shape. Don't push yourself to have the newest thing if you don't feel comfortable, if woman is confidence she's sexy already.
  • You don't have to buy the entire line, just buy some essential stuff, like accesories. Because statement necklace, statement rings, or statement earring will upgrade your basic outfit instantly. Try to put on your black t shirt or white t shirt with pants, skinny jeans and put some BIG necklaces, voila you'll look good and stylish in one second. Ethnic accsories or vintage one is also good option to consider.
  • To cut off your budget, you can consider pre-loved item. Usually this pre-loved item you can found in large beauty forum or online, but make sure you guys know well the reputation of the seller, even better if they're member in online forum or society like that, so the chance you being trick can be minimized. (CHOOSE THE ELIGIBLE ONE, please)
  • Clean you closet, and get rid of those stuff you didn't wear for the last 3 month. Come on you'll never wear it again :) You can sell it on a garage sale (i did this with my girls on Sunday usually, and the money is good enough to buy new clothes). And choose outfit that the pattern and color is similar with the newest trend. 
I did take pictures of some of my stuff (from last year, and last yeaaar.. seriously.. i still got my shoes from 4 years ago LOL). But you guys have to forgive the lighting because i only took it with my cellphone camera (Cant's afford a new digicam yet, still got a lot of brushes, palettes, foundation to buy, you know what i'm talking about).

 This is a GOLD CARDIGAN that i got from flea market only cost me ONLY Idr 5000 (Around $ 0.5 less than $1 can u believe it :D) and it's old, i bought it 3 years ago.
This turqoise or teal color tank top i bought only Idr 15.000 ($1.5)
This is pre-loved item i got from Market Plaza forum at  www.fashionesedaily.com. It's H&M bag. Cost me less than Idr 200.000 ( less than $20)

This is new member of the family, Henry Clog Shoes from www.asos.com I LOVE THIS SHOES!

How i might combined those stuff for daily or night, casual event.
Simple yet nice choice to hang out with friends, for coffee maybe? :)
Some of my statement accesories, white necklaces and ring is from thelittlethingsheneed and connector flower ring is from Forever21, the earring i got from small counter in my hometown for only Idr 20.000 (less than $2)
Bangles, i got from my las vacation in Bali, less than Idr 25.000 ($ 2.3)
PS : $1 = Idr 9.500 less or more

Tomorrow maybe i'm gonna blog about some make over.. it's gonna be surprising. A little laugh to embrace your new year :) check it out tomorrow!

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