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Thursday, February 3, 2011

New BAbieS (Read : DIGICAM) is coming soon ^^ + rambling

Hey ladies, since everyone seriously EVERYONE is complaining about the quality of the pics and the voice in my youtube channel, i sure realize that i NEED proper tool to do things right.
I'm saving guys, as you guys know my budget ran out for those gorgeous outift n outer wear also make ups, literally i have no savings hahaha...

I wish i'm as lucky as some of you that got someone buy it for you :p like my favourite beauty guru, or some of my friends that got it as present from parents and so on... Since i'm on my own (really, i can't ask for that to my folk they're gonna kill me :p) i've been saving, not much but enough to buy a proper digicam, i'm gonna cut my expenses tho' so no more haul for me till couple of months later, but i'm not complaining.. just happy finally i can save up for something i really want and NEED for this past 2 years.

It's a funny story tho' i always put my priority on other things before, and put aside this digicam.. but can't do that no more. Got so much to catch up, and my ideas been blocked since i don't have proper tools. But as soon as i get back to Bandung, i'm gonna buy it, and start doing step by step of my make ups and introduce you guys to my favourite, and basically just rambling :D *i'm sucker at this, i love rambling*
Note this ladies, i have no guts to proclaim myself as a beauty guru or naming my video "make up tutorial", since i got no proper education on make up just yet, i just doing make up because i like it, and i love how people transform with make up and fashion. So let's just called it sharing :)

Lots of things happened lately, ah... not gonna bored you ladies with detail let's just simply said that my life is at the lowest point right now, the only thing that still can put a smile on my face is my dad, and this passion of beauty. Just wish me well, will simply made my day...

Anyway here's what i really really like because it's dual LCD that gonna make me easier to look at the pictures and doing videos, but way over my budget hiks...(still got lots bills to pay)...
Maybe just gonna end up with this one instead, less than $100.. OK fine.... LESS THAN $70 :p Let's just hope this will do yah, i don't wanna end up all my saving for one stuff :)
Can't wait to go back to Bandung to get this... Wait up, gonna be A LOT post and videos.. it's been postponed for so long already, thank you for keep reading and stay fabulous!

PS : It's almost 3 years and nothing i can do more, i give up... so long 'another chapter of my life' for this pas 3 years  i really hope you will be and is 'my epilog'... Wish you well with the choices you made, life will be good to you, i know so...


  1. Canon aja neng ,,, kl dl gw pernah pake samsung, hasilnya kurang puas. Pada jaman itu dengan harga yg sama untk kedua kameranya, si canon hasilnya jauh lebih bgs. Wrnnya lebih dapet.

  2. OK MAK... thanks a lot for the suggestion, mudah2an kekumpul duitnya biar bisa beli canon tapi yang bagusan juga... *biar gak gaptek2 banget juga* :D

  3. Halo Madaaa... ini Carryn (nona carryn di fd). Liat link ini dari blognya Fifi. Anyway dari bandung juga tooh?? sama doong!! Hihi.. meski baru sekali komen gw kasih award ya di sini: http://carrynapratiwi.blogspot.com/2011/02/hi-everyone-i-know.html

  4. @carryn : i recognize u darl... :) still can't forget those red Dita Von Tesse lipstick on ur last FOTD... magnifique...That's very sweet n thoughtful of u giving me awards... thank u very much ^^