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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Being raised surrounded by Batak culture made me very loud :D in a good way, we got a nice culture mix and of course the heaven of culinary experience.
My mom and dad open a small restaurant in Parapat, Lake Toba about 1 hour driving from Pematangsiantar, i got used to go back and forth every weekend from Parapat-Pematangsiantar because we lived in Parapat and i went to school in Pematangsiantar, my dad were so sweet driving me every week, he doesn't have the heart to send me back with public transport, which is not very convenient for a girl young age to travel with.

Anyway, just a sneak peak of my life let's have a tour on my hometown, and my home...

last holiday with my sister and my niece, just laying around the beautiful beach of Lake Toba

my daily routine, watching the register

my restaurant on the first day of Lunar

Lunch Time, hectic :)

one of public transport in Pematangsiantar, becak

my tiny ferry boat, i loveee touring with this boat, it faster than other similar boat, my dad got it custom made

my angel, her smile brighten my day.. miss her a LOT
the view from the third floor of my house :) on the front the house that look abandoned was my house it got burned down, some Indonesian restaurant neighbour accidentally set the fire :(

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