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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aztec Secret - Indian Clay Mask Review

Have you ever heard of Aztec Clay Mask (ACM) before? I have, searching through google trying to find some cheap but great mask, well one or two years ago, before i started blogging. But that time i was clueless where to get it, because i didn't know anyone who opened a spree to get this. Yeah i believe some of the seller is from www.amazon.com or www.iherb.com and i live here in beautiful tropical country, Indonesia.

I got this in a sample jar, so i don't own the original jar, but i bet you guys know how it looks like or just google it if you are curious. It has various size, 1lb (454gr) for approx. $6-$8, and 2 lb (908gr) approx. $11-$24 depends on where you get it, i noticed it was cheaper on iherb than amazon.

This is the official website of  ACM hope you can find more information there, it also explained what diferent ways to use this clay, for those who is clueless (like me) here

ACM can be mixed with apple cider vinegar (organic is best), with tea tree, with Vit. C, with Honey and also Water (even though some said it was not quite comfortable because it's not blend well if mixed with water). It can be used on only for your face but for your foot, and body. I read some reviews that they used this for their back acnes also. AND APPLY + MIX THIS WITH NON METAL material, i used plastic spoon and empty night cream jar made of plastic to mix this.

Now on to review, i used this twice already, and both mixed with my Viva Lemon Toner.

The left pictures shows my face during the treatment of chemical peeling.
2 The empty jar where i mixed the ACM
The bottom on the Right side is Viva Lemon Toner

How i used this clay :
1 Clean the empty jar with alcohol and let it dry
2 I clean my face, and make sure it dry before i started putting ACM on.
3 I take plastic spoon, and put that in the empty jar, and add the Toner, mix it well until it got the density i want, usually until the texture is similar with paste a bit thick but not too thick.
4 Because i lost my mask brush, i applied this with my finger all over my face and let it dry usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

see the right picture, if you wore it too thick it takes forever to dry

Now on to the review

I sadly couldn't find apple cider vinegar on the groceries store nearby my house, they said it smells awful but it was the best way to mix this ACM.

First time i used ACM, i feel pulling and tightening sensation, also sting a bit, and itch. But i think it was because the mask is working, after drying (approx 15 mins) i rinse it off with warm water and my face feel smooth, and i got no red mark whatsoever (some might have this after using), i just feel the skin was supple and tight around the eye area. Which i like, it means the skin around my eyes area is tightening. And i feel sleepy afterward, LOL.

Second time, i was using lots make up my face was suffering from chemical peeling, and still using the same way,i put this mask on, but i didn't mixed it well, still got some part that not mixed well, and the texture is not as paste as first time, and it takes longer to dries which was torture, it stings, and itch, the tightening and pulling sensation is not as WOW as first time. Just the itch and sting really got into my nerve >.<
After rinse, i noticed some of the white head still around on T area, and i don't wanna makes it worse by squeezing it so i deal with it with my Biore Pore Pack. And yes my skin feel smoother after using this ACM.

- I like the fact that this is CHEAP esp if you got the 2lb it will takes forever to finish, and did makes my face feel supple and smooth afterward. - Got expired date on the original jar.
- I don't have to measure the time, if it already cracked it means it's ok to rinse.
- I noticed some small acnes dries out after using this mask.

-Damn i'm too lazy for this, i really hate the mixing part and the pulling and itch and sting sensation (but hey.. BEAUTY IS PAIN) LOL :p
- I hate the fact that  we don't have it here locally, have to bought this overseas which cost more money for shipping.
- The white head is not dissapearing, have to take it off with other stuff.

Yes, in full size.

My very best way to wear this :

1 Follow the direction which is not using metal material, and rinse it with warm water after
2 Mix your ACM well, too thick takes forever to dries, and too thin is not gonna work best, one or one and half table spoon of ACM will do.
3 Make sure your face is clean before using this.
4 After using, put toner to close the pore and thin layer of cream or moisturizer.

I hoped i explained it well, if you do have question just comment on this post, i'll try my best to answer based on my experience.

Thank you, and Happy Valentine ^^


  1. wah sama,aku juga nyobain masker ini, aku nyampurnya pake air mawar viva,tapi susah banget buat ngadonnya, mau nyobain pake ACV, trus kaku banget ya, pas wajah dicuci agak clekit-clekit,tapi paling suka ma masker ini krn bisa pijet sendiri :)

    1. Iya nyari ACV disini agak susah, harus ke supermarket yang agak gedean kyknya. Pgn nyobain pake ACV ama green tea :D

  2. dulu pernah nyobain si aztec punya iparku, yampun perih banget!! ga tahan, gatahaaan...>< akhirnya sebelum kering udah ku cuci... ouh, salut deh yg bisa tahan sama masker aztech... Iparku udah mau habis satu gentong begitu muka nya emang jadi muluss padahal dulunya komedoan parah...

    1. Aku sih love and hate ama si masker ini mba Ami, tapi so far emang masker ini yg "lgs" efeknya kerasa di mukaku after using, ex : kulit kenceng, and si bekas kelupas2 dari chem peel itu "luruh" pas dibilas ama masker ini. Cm gak tau efek dari aztec apa regimen yang lain, kulitku skrg cenderung oily but drying in certain area, minta "kuliah gratis" ttg skin care donk heheh..

  3. I love this mask too ^_^
    bisa ya pake viva toner, selama ini cuma pake air mineral. Oya, nice blog, aku uda follow.
    Follow back yaa ;)

    1. Pake air dia masi menggumpal :(
      Nyari cuka apel blm nemu nih, mu nyoba nyari cuka apel tahesta di apotek, kali ada yah :D

  4. nyari cuka apel bisa di ranch market

  5. Beli dimana ya ini?