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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My First Entry For A Contest

So my playground, FD is having a contest for both Today's Outfit and Face Of The Day, i'm so excited. And decided since i missed all the previous contest, am not gonna miss this time. Just want to upgrade my taste, mix and match thingy. Win or loose doesn't matter, the process is learning, of course hoping to win ( THEY HAVE AMAZING PRIZE), if i win that will be a HUGE bonus, anyway it's always fun to look at other's entry, i belive the judges will choose the best to win. I screwed up for the Face Of The Day, gonna give it another try tomorrow.

Anyway need your support (wish me luck) haha....

For the entry of today's outfit, i decided to wear my mom's vintage bag. She owned this since forever, i believe this bag is almost 20 years old, from white it turns to broken white and there's stain inside the bag, but doesn't matter, the outside is still pretty. I LOVE IT.... 

Oh almost forgot, the rules is minimum 5 different color for the outfit. Here's what i come up with, what do you think? I got a chance? ;p

Outer : F21
Top : Pepper +
Maxi Skirt : Unbranded
Belt : Unbranded
Shoes : Catwalk - BTC
Bag : Mum's vintage bag


  1. I love your belt, good luck for the contest :)
    aku juga mau ikutan kontesnya aah hihi

  2. What the heck? 20 years old?? That bag must be made out of gorilla's chest! Hahahah
    Definitely a good purchase by your mom. I love your jacket as well!

    1. Yeah, the color already broken white instead of white, but the condition is still perfect, i'm longing for my mum's old vintage earrings, but couldn't find it.