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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sneak Peek to My Traincase (Cheek)

The sequel of the tour around my vanity, this post is gonna be all about cheek. See the Face section HERE

I just realize i have so many blush, and it's on the pinkish and coral range. Because i think it's suit all skin tone, from NC to NW. I'm still longing for the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge though. I'm in love with everything that has "dual function", save my money haha..

First i'd like to introduce you to my newest family, come in yesterday bought from sasa.com
It's Cameleon Profesional Make Up Palette shade 02, gonna swatch and review it on different post. I'm so excited about this, it's HUGE!!!  It cost around $12 in their website, but i have to pay much more due to the size and yeah i lived in Indonesia, you know how expensive the shipping cost >.<

Let's move on.

You guys know what they are! I bet! :)

1 Cameleon Profesional Make Up Palette shade 02
2 Amuse Blush Palette
3 ELF Cool Bronzer
4 ELF Warm Bronzer 

Second one i have to admit (shame) that i still got my blush from yesteryear :p i feel not throwing them, but maybe give it to someone or just using it to do random FOTD.

1 Inez blush on in Autumn Rose
2 Inez blush on in Gold Dipped Brick 
3 Oriflame Bronzing Pearls
4 NYX cream blush in Boho Chic
5 Benefit Feelin' Cheeky
6 ELF all over color stick in Pink Lemonade
7 Samples from Mineral blush on (not really sure what brand but i think it was EM)
8 NYX cream blush in Glow and below that is NYX cream blush in Orange
9 L'oreal blush delice in Sweet Watermelon
10 Maybelline brush blush in Watermelon
11 PAC blush on no.08
12 LT Pro blush on no.08

That pretty much it, i rarely use the cream blush on now, what stays in my vanity table is the NYC bronzer and the RedA Translucent powder for highlighting, and just realize after i took this picture. But you guys know what it looks like, afterall i used it in many of my FOTD's.

If you asked me what's my favourite, i have to say (until now) is the Amuse Blush Palette. It's stays almost all day in my face, so i didn't have to retouch my make up if i went out. And the ELF Cool Bronzer, it has a nice white color on the quad, so i can use it to highlight also, not time consuming using this dual thingy stuff, me likey.

What do you think my fantabulous? Curious what gonna be next month, please stay with me ^^


  1. hwaaaa.... blush nya cakep2... >_< *blushonlover...

    1. Penasaran ama si cameleon mak.. cakep! Kya kya... yg bkn agak ilfil ada hint shimmernya, tp blm tau kl di swatch gmn! Gag sabar.. Blm ada occasion lenong2 nih, td mau direview eh ujan (pencahyaan jelek deh)

  2. *melongo*

    itu...kepake semua?:D

    Eh gw penasaran deh sama amuse blush, belinya di mana sih?

    1. Kepake mak (malu), si cream blush on yg jarang dipake, yang boho apalagi, kl kulit eksotis (baca : GELAP hihi) kyk aku jatuhnya lbh ke highlighter itu, gak ada hint pink-nya sama sekali.
      Si amuse beli di sini mak

  3. huuua aku bngung ni mada gmana shading pipi,huuhuhu >.<

    1. Aku dapet pinjeman digicam nih hehe.., nanti aku coba bantu tutorial sebisaku yah *cups*

  4. eh.. gak kepost komen barusan...
    aku coba bantu bikin tutorial deh.. tunggu ya say..

  5. aku tunggu tutorialnyaa :)
    jarang ol jdi bru bsa bles komennya >.<