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Monday, March 19, 2012

Haul : Amuse 80 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

Hai pretty fantabulous, after one month waiting finally it arrived at my door.

Meet Amuse 80 Colors Eyeshadow Palette, since i'm so in love with Amuse Blush Palette, i thought why not give it a try for the eyeshadow, i got it when cherryculture.com was on sale so it was about $10.99 but of course since i live in other side of the world i have to pay extra for shipping, cost me about $15 to get it to my home. But calculating the function and since i got so many colors i really don't mind to pay more than half for shipping.

Yeah, i bought it from a seller on FD (Mimo) while they were opening a spree.

Okay let's take a peek.

Amuse 80 Colors Eyeshadow Palette


What really got me while i open this :

  • The range of color, from shimmer to matte, and it's not too small like coastal scent eyeshadow palette.
  • The packaging, has a nice half round hole to pick up the upper eyeshadow, so the lower layer of eyeshadow didn't cracked if we opened it in hurry.

Well, i will wear it today. So i can give you guys first impression post tomorrow :*
(Let's just hope that the internet connection is not dead again, shall we?)

I'll see you on another posts, have a great day my dear.


  1. So great! >,< Is this still available at Cherry Culture?

    1. Yupe, there lots of choices there, anyway they're having 20% if i'm not mistaken :D