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Friday, March 2, 2012

Contouring Part 2 (ROUNDED Face) For Dummies, Like Me

Part one is about nose, click me

Time for requested post, lots of people been asking this question, including me! How to make us look slimmer without exercise? Well, that's impossible, simply impossible, but we can always CHEAT haha..
If your face is round like i used to be while i were xx kgs you'll start thinking every way possible to make you or at least your face look thinner/slimmer.
The answer is contouring face, it only takes few minutes and you can have those high cheek bone which makes your face look longer and thinner.

I AM NOT AN EXPERT, i learned from mistakes and LOTS of mistakes, and honestly i still DID some mistakes till now :D but i can share from my experience, i hope this is helpful for those fantabulous who requested.

How to contouring (ROUNDED) face.

I used to have rounded face, but now since i was slimmer a bit, my face change to a heart shape. So this may not be 100% accurate, i just wanna share the "how to".

Let's just get started, before you get bored and browse something else ^^

First, what you're gonna need is the products, concealer or foundation stick will do or 2-3 shade of foundation (Er.. getting confused? Relax.. i'll explained it all). I used my unbranded concealer palette, because i'm simply lazy to open my train case, and it contains lots of color corrector so it's a time saver.
Concealer : the plus to contour with concealer palette is time saver, also you can correcting (dark spot, etc) at the same time.
Foundation stick : beside it is also a time saver it's more easy to use, you don't need anything to put that on your face, but make sure you clean it after using, you know health reason.
Foundation : Needed more than one shade, first the lighter shade to highlight your face, and the darker shade to contour (the area that needed to be contoured is the same, but the application is a bit tricky, you have to apply it several times to get the perfect look). Simply says that you need practice to expert this.

Second, you're gonna need, make up sponge or brushes or simply finger, whatever you prefer. And whatever you decide to use, make sure it is hygienic.

Third, your face? To be contoured haha.... (trying to make a joke here >.<)

How to

After moisturizer or primer, then :
1. Take the concealer or foundation stick an apply it to Temple of your face, Under your Cheek Bone, And Jaw Line, and Nose.
2. Use your tools (sponge, brushes, finger) to blend.
Temple of your face : Blend it to your hair line
Under your cheek bone : Blend it upwards
Jaw Line : Blend it down to neck area

I personally like to contour my face before foundation or powder unless i have to perform on stage, WHY? Because if i do it after foundation, it tend to be so harsh and not looking natural.
You can use foundation first, and contour later of course, and make it looks smoother with powder.

See the arrow, is the area that need the contouring. Just choose the shade 1-2 tone darker than your actual skin.
DON'T FORGET the under eye area and the inner corner area, why? Because it help to open the eyes, and make your face freshen.


With Flash

 No Flash
Product used :

Face :
Unbranded concealer palette
Cover Girl Foundation ( Buff beige and Classic Tan)

Cheek :
Cameleon blush palette

Eyes :
Aubeau eyeshadow base
Sephora Color Play 5 in 1
Evany Senses Mascara - Black

Lip :
Just Miss lipstick J-13


  1. I love your tutorial! thanks Mada xoxo
    aku ikutan tutorial kmu tpi msh gagal cuma jdi lbh baik dri sblm baca tutorialnya >.<
    dlu acak2n bgt deh Mada aku pnya pipi chubby bget
    *telat comment* pas baca senengg

  2. bookmark-ed! thanks tutorialnya ce, udah bingung banget gimana caranya contouring! coba-coba sendiri kok jadinya terlalu sentrong, nggak bisa blend dengan baik ya.
    oya itu palettenya beli dimana? curious much! pengen juga :p

    anyways followed you! <3

  3. this really helpfull for dummies like me :D

    aw, I always did my contouring after applying my foundie..
    noted, do it before applying foundie..