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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Basically Just My Party Look ^^

Weekend... hoooorrraaaaayyyy!!!

You must have your gals, the one that you do girls night out with and just the one that lend her shoulder for you to cry on every single time, NO QUESTION's ASK!!!
I'm lucky enough to have many of them... my bencongs and banciks.
To be clear, bencong or bancik in Indonesia literally means "DRAG", but this is just the way we called each other, no offense or intend to hurt anybody. It's funny, sometimes people ask, why you called yourself and your friends "congs" or "bancikkkk", but it's just our way... I'm sure you guys have your own way.
I experienced many things with them, laughter, cries, lost a best friend and sister.... but we keep going stronger through time, and i hope our friendship will last, amen :)
*i'll ask them if they don't mind me putting their pictures here, will be edited if they allowed*

Since i'm in a Long Distance RelationSH*T :p they accompany me all the time on weekend, and they don't mind me being the third wheel sometimes hehehe... love you bancikssss ^^
We enjoyed the part of dressing up, being flirty, and did get some attention but nothing went serious, and even to have coffee, and beer sometimes, we love to dress up...

Yesterday, i decided to put out some of my "golden days" make up hahaha.... the night when we go and have ladies night, and dancing on the floor. Did some fling for you ladies, my dear bloggers tho' ENJOY ^^

the only way to balancing my lid ^^

love the orange ^^ hellow spring 2011