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Friday, April 15, 2011

Addition To My Hair Routine

I found this hair mask by Rejoice in sachet, since i'm a big fan of it's conditioner i decided to try that out -even i still got 1 full bottle of un-touched hair mask-. I think it's good deal for people who wants to try stuff before buying full size (they do have the full size hair mask). I got this for approx $10 (Rp 9.250) contains 3 big sachet, same size with my L'oreal hair mask, its cheaper than L'oreal if you do the math (L'oreal hair mask cost approx $5).

Smells good and love the packaging, i'll buy the full size after i finished my hair mask that i currently using. The only cons was, i have to let the sachet open after using it, which is not pretty hygienic, one sachet can be used twice btw...

the packaging


the suggestion of using
Anybody using this product yet, care to share your experience?


  1. aku juga pake sebagai pengganti conditioner.
    hasilnya lumayan & termasuk murah dibanding hair mask merk lain :D
    oia btw itu salah tulis yak.. mungkin $1 = Rp.9250 ^^

  2. @yurina : wah... enak gak di kamu say? di aku lumayan mengurangi frizzy... emang karna gak tau currency tepat $ aku tulisnya approx. say.. which mean approximately (perkiraan) thanks ya ^^