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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Counterfeiting - Con't

I posted about this here last January, why and how it happened and persuaded you dear ladies not to buy conterfeit item :D
This post is just gonna be addition, why people buying them due to my latest research that happened in Indonesia.

What i'm gonna write is mostly about "knock offs" and make ups today.
Knock off is basically consumer goods that wearable such as, accesorries, clothes, shoes, bags that imitate from the high end brand.

Why people buying them? Despite of the reason that i already write, apparently there's one major issues that made people in Indonesia buying this knock offs. Before discussing this issues, we might wanna keep in mind that Indonesia is a very big country and many of the people live in small city that doesn't even have a mall, which made original product hard to find. Now on to reasons :
  1. Knowledge, most of the moms (middle to lower) don't have enough knowledge on high end product. They don't even know Hermes until Manohara (Indonesian model whom married with Malaysian Prince and end up sue-ing each other due to marital issues) start wearing them a lot on Tv. And they call it "Manohara's Bag". Knowledge is power maybe that's right, and they might only knew Gucci, LV, but other than those brands, they have no ideas that there's Jimmy Choos shoes, Manolo Blahnik Shoes, does EXIST. Can you blame them, of course not. Since local Tv in Indonesia isn't helping at all.. Every single day what we watch is criminal issues, some artist gossips, culinaire, so very educational shows on Tv. 
  2. Due to it's geographic, mostly branded items or counter flag store only available in big city such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, most of the area only have mall that has Guess, Nine West, and some departement store like Sogo, Centro and Matahari in it. People wants to keep updated, and it's hard to get the original ones plus expensive if got it shipped to Indonesia and new tax policy not helping at all. So the smart seller they made huge massive production of latest model of this knock offs with cheap price and distribute it to all over Indonesia. And since the shipping cost around Indonesia isn't that expensive and can produce in cheap price and many type (the minimum rate of salary in Indonesia suck, really) because sometimes the seller pay less than minimum price for workers. 
  3. For one bag for example, you can get several of price. In Indonesian commonly known as "KW" maybe it stands for "Quality". Quality in Indonesia = Kualitas = KW". They do have KW "super", KW "1", KW "2" and so on. The expensive one is KW "super" and if you want same type, same brand with lower price go for KW"1" instead of KW"super". What the ($%&$(#%&#$(_&(#$.....
As for MAKE UP.
  1. Lots of people wants to have high end brand quick and fast, since some of the high end brands is not easy to get, due to geographycal issues also. And many of the latest item not even sold in Indonesia, people get tend to buy fakes.
  2. Seller that claims that they sold the products that produced in same company, but will sold to other factory for branding. -I got fooled once, with this. Learned my lesson tho'-
  3. Sometimes it's so hard to differ the original ones with the fake ones, especially for brand that don't have counter in Indonesia. 
I hoped this post enlighten you ladies a bit, and feel free to give me addition. Thank you.... keep fantabulous!


  1. This is such an interesting topic. I know some people who buy a certain bag just because they see that bag on everyone else. They don't even know that it's a fake version of a branded bag. They just bought it because they assume that bag is the latest trend.

    And because they don't know that those are replica bags so they don't bother to look for KW 1 or KW super, they just bought the bag when they see a stall selling it. Padahal kalo belanja tas LV gitu pasti mereka maunya yg KW super. Nah krn rata2 cuma tau merk sebangsa LV, Gucci gitu jd ya gitu deh, kaya ketipu sendiri yah..

    Great posting, by the way :)

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  2. Really? Wow... that made one addition to "why people buy fakes" - just because they saw someone else wear it and assumption of the latest trend.

    Thank you 4 stopping by and drop comment mba Yuri, much appreciated...

  3. Oh wow you did a whole research about it! :D heheh nice job!
    I personally don't know much about fashion let alone designer stuff, haha, but I do have a Balenciaga knockoff and another LV knockoff that my mom bought me. I don't care much about the brand, actually, so I wear them anyway some time because to me they're just, well, bags! Haha.

    As for makeup, I got a friend who had fake MACs but she didn't know about it until I told her. So I guess some people are just clueless about it and buy whatever it is they thought legit.

  4. @fifi : yeah, u r so right... for make up some people just clueless, thank God for google and fashionesedaily :D

  5. Well if the case is bag, I'm not a fan of branded bag, but sometimes my mom bought it for me, or when I got it as presents. But lately, I did realize it is much more better to wear unbranded or just wear local brand bag, at least it's not an imitation product. :)

    But for make-up, I will never take a risk! >_<