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Friday, April 22, 2011

FOTD : My Beloved Inez Eyeshadow Quad

I have been practising choir like crazy today, and like one of my FD friend said, " Make up is a mood booster" i thought.... helll yeaaaah, why not? I wanna get pretty for myself today, and want to TEST the Aubeau eye shadow base with smokey eyes, like one of my fellow blogger suggest, not with just natural look like i compared to UDPP here
This pictures was taken in my room and friend's room after i finished practise which time estimated from i apply it around 6 hours and more, i practise at 8PM and this pics was taken recently (the time is now over midnight).

I'm not taking this pictures with my own camera, my battery dead suddenly i took this pictures with Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W-300. I don't know the setting, sorry :D

My humble opinion was : This eyeshadow base still rocks! Really, it gives more than enough staying power for my lid. Yes, there's mark.. but it was my original lid, already creasing. So i'm satisfied.

no flash - blurry but i love the pose :D
 with flash
 no flash
 no flash
Maybelline BB cream
Revlon L/P in light
Revlon duo eye shadow for contouring nose in chocolate

Inez in autumn rose

Inez in venice
Lyra eyebrow pencil in chocolate
Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara

Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Lipgloss - Watermelon

I just touched up with loose powder and redefine my eyebrow also add a bit blush on before taking this pictures, adding a bit fresh look.


  1. mada, tambah cantik ajaaa...
    venice tu coklat ya? kirain black-white-grey gitu?
    tapi kamu beneran bagus loh pake warna gini ^^

  2. @poo : vienna yang black white grey.. thanks darla hihi...

  3. i have an award for u ^^ check on my blog to get the award http://daldildol.blogspot.com/

  4. yurina : BIG HUG... thanks dear,i feel honoured ^^

  5. mada ternyata kamu cocok banget pake lipen pink! cantiiiiiik

  6. @andriani : aw terbanglah aku ke awan... makasih say :D