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Monday, April 25, 2011

Inez Loose Eye Shadow Swatches

Hai inez lover....

Quick post about this loose eye shadow,i'm in love with all of them. I got 5 shade from them, excluded the one shade which is red. Not a big fan of red color. Never tried the red one yet, so probably my opinion will change we'll see..
This post is long postponed, and today is my rest day and time to taking care of my babies (make up) so i decided to do the swatches since my FD friends been asking for it.

Here we go :) and enjoy...

L-R : satnite blue 06, cherry pink 08, golden moss 09, sunstone yellow 07, sparkling silver 01

swatches on paper tissue
The sparkling silver was not really shown on this picture, but in the real look you can see it shimmering beautifully. I did my FOTD using this loose eyeshadow already, can check on FOTD. 

My opinion : 
Got to use sealer if you want a full coverage on this eyeshadow, but me i used a tear drop only since i didn't own a sealer. And eye shadow base of course. It gives your eyes a beautiful vibrant color, the pink one is the one i love less because it just gives a tiny hint of pink color, have to set it with other pink shade of eyeshadow. The staying power is really good, i used these eyeshadow several times already on my face and on my client's face. And no one is complaining :D


  1. makasih madaaaaa...
    itu swatch-nya cantik2 banget
    tadinya aku ngincer yang pink, tapi kayanya lebih pengen yang biru dehh..hehehhe
    eniwei, harganya berapa? ^^

  2. I like the green one! Reminds me of lime pearl by NYX. :)

  3. @poo : my pleasure dear... yang pink sheer banget, tapi imho yang merahnya bakal agak ke darkpink deh jatohnya... sayang gak ada testes jadi gak bisa compare.. harganya 17rb :D
    @fifi : yupe.. i bought inez coz i couldn't find anybody opens a spree on nyx that time... still craving for it..

  4. cakep2 deh warnanyaaaa.. pink sama silvernya cakepp, nunggu gajian bulan juni deh *masih lama* :')

  5. Wuoooooww!! Warnanyaaaa!!! Btw aku jual nyx loose pearl loh kalo masih masih nyari (eh tapi udah punya inez yaaa.. hehe). Nice swatches!!!

  6. @carryn ada bbrp shade yang aku napsir si nyx.. ntar aku kbr2n yak kalo mau order.. thanks info-nya say ^^