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Sunday, May 1, 2011

(Trying To Do) Arabian Eye Make Up feat. Inez Satin Smooth Liquid foundation

First trial, be gentle with me ladies :D

I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of Bollywood Movies and Arabian Make Up, got me crazy when Carrie (Sex and The City 2) wearing those eyeliner from Abu Dhabi... i bet you ladies must know what scene i'm talking about. Yes, when Carrie is about to date with Aiden. Case of the ex, temptation that hard to resist *sigh*

Anyway, i haul-ed and one of the item i got was Inez Satin Smooth Liquid Foundation in Beige. Will swatch and review later, this post is just wanna try it out. And figuring what look to do, because i bet you ladies must be bored with my (not so) colourful eye look. So when i finished the whole look, this is what i came up with and named it "Arabian Eye Make Up"
Still need improvement, i think i kinda missed some detailed. The crease should look bolder and the blending didn't as smooth as i wanted to :D
Next FOTD, promise will do better. Got some idea in my head already.

I googled and found this picture after i finished capturing my look, it kinda match with the scarf i used. 
Source : this blog

And my creation...

the eyes

posing and close up
narcissa narcism

PS : Some pics were taken with flash and some didn't.

Viva Green Tea Toner 
Inez Satin Smooth Liquid Foundation in Beige
Revlon Loose Powder in Light

PAC Cream Foundation no 2 as base 
Revlon Eye Shadow in dark chocolate for eyebrow
Sariayu 25th Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette 
Etude Gel Liner in Black 
Sariayu Duo Mascara and Eyeliner 
T217 Falsies from Make Up Tool (one falsies only cut into 2 pieces and put on outer lashes)

LT Pro PB no 04

RedA Lipstick (forgot the shade, coral with a hint of orange)
Maybelline lip gloss (forgot the shade, kinda bronze)

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