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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Silver Smokey Eyes (Another Battle)

Another battle is in the house, both is the winner in my heart. I love these babies, but you already know who's my favourite :D

Meet Inez Eyeshadow Quad in Vienna and L'oreal Open Eyes
Indoor - no flash
*clockwise* TOP : INEZ ; BOTTOM : L'oreal
 Outdoor -no flash
same as above
FOTD (same as this post but here is the closer look, my lappie is damn slow, i'll try to edit later)
LEFT : Inez; RIGHT : L'oreal

Note : I didn't wear any eyeshadow base

My opinion of this L'oreal :
Love the shade, so pigmented. But a bit too glowy for my taste. Somehow i love matte finished look, but i definetely love this, it's bigger than Inez and the packaging is cute! Very comparable with Inez tho'... so inez is the great dupe for this L'oreal quad.


  1. l'orealnya bagus banget warnanya.. harganya berapaan ya say... btw lipsticknya bagus banget hehe

  2. without eyeshadow base?? impressive!
    and the lipstick looks gorgeous on you. I'm never brave enough to wear red on my lips

  3. @esti : lupa :D maap tak membantu, beli si inez aja hihihi... 30rebuan :p
    @fifi : iya fi, karna aku dijakarta lupa bawa e/s base juga. pake bb cream aja.. like u said, any concealer juga membantu staying power walaupun gak sehebat e/s base.. thx for the tips darla ^^

  4. lupa say :(
    thank u, buat foto doank brani pake si lippen merah hahaha...