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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Haul

I got several package last week, that arrived at my doorstep. Some off course are beauty related and some wasn't. I'm so excited to share with you ladies... my long awaited glitter eyeliner. Yeah yeah.. it's green (peacock) :D
Sorry for the late "report" my internet connection died for 4 days, and last week been so busy after FD event in Jakarta and short holiday getaway with my dearest bencong :D
Didn't have much time to take pictures and posting, just few hours replying messages, comments. I got so busy last week after my short getaway.
Anyway, will updated ASAP about everything that happened last week. I think i have to share something important about "shopping experience". For now let me show off  my babies.... ^^

Inside the bubble wrap is LA COLOR glitter eyeshadow but crack and so messy..
LA COLOR glitter eyeliner in 3D and Peacock
Amuse eye pencil in Metallic Pink
ELF mechanical eyelash curler
ELF stippling brush
Sigma travel set pencil brush E30
ELF eyeshadow brush

LA COLOR glitter eyeshadow in Bette
Maybelline dream smooth mousse Foundation #180
Amuse Blush Palette

There are items that i didn't get because it was sold out and can't be ordered because of size.. too bad.
That's it for now... keep fantabulous ladies and thanks for reading ^^ Would love to see your haulage too.


  1. I'll be waiting your reviews for all those haul~ and yes, I tweaked up my layout week ago. he2

  2. can you do swatches of the glitter liners ? thanks <3

  3. @Lina Kim : yeah didn't hav much time to go surfing lately, been so busy.. i heart the new look.. super kawai.. will do reviews asap dear..
    @maika : off course darla will review it first since it's my fav from all those haul, it has good staying power, but very small applicator tho'.. li'l review until i do the full one.

  4. waiting for the reviews and swatches!!
    btw, blush palettenya berapa mada?

  5. hoping u will review the maybelline foundie.. and thanks for following my blog mada.. that mean a lot for me :)

  6. @andriani : yes dear, asap... blush palettenya 90k say :)
    @esti : my pleasure dear, always love to hear fellow blogger's thought ^^
    i will review all, sabar yak :)