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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Review

Today i'm the super duper idiotech people on planet earth trying to do a little editing *where have i been, i know i know.. at least i'm trying to fight my idiotech, rite?* .
I download photoscape based on my friends recommendation, so here i am trying to blogging ;p

I have been dying to have this foundation since my favourite beauty guru, saaamage review this on her vlog. And my FD friend have this on sale so i decided to grab it without no doubt even tho i was a little bit worried about the shade, 180 Nude Beige. I am NC 35 and this shade probably too much lighter for me, but lucky me... somehow this shade is perfect for my daily look.

This is not the first time i used this foundation, used it for almost one week now and did try it on such humid weather like in Jakarta for 2 days (last week) , and it did an excellent result for me. I have to say, i prefer this foundation than my other HG Inez Satin Smooth Foundation for such humid weather. Inez oxydized after few hours and yes, lighter shade of powder will solve the problem but for oily skin (mine is combination) is disaster, if not wearing any primer. This Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse did a better job for oil control i must said on my combination skin. And the texture is so smooth, really like its name "smooth mousse", makes it so easy to blend. The only thing i like less about this is, the packaging didn't contain mirror but it's cute tho'.



Face : Maybelline Smooth Mousse #180 nude beige, Revlon L/P in light 
Eyes : Sariayu duo eyeliner and mascara, Inez eyebrow pencil in brown
I did use some product on my cheek and lips, but it faded so i won't write it down here.
This picture is taken after 7 hours of using, and didn't touch up at all.

Pro's : Not oxydized, easy to blend, good oil control (for normal - combination skin), texture is so smooth, light to medium coverage.
Con's : NOT AVAILABLE IN INDONESIA, Small size ( .49oz / 14g), have to careful when open, it gives stain sometimes because of it's packaging (swirl to open), small and thin sponge (shouldn't be a problem if we have a foundation brush or stippling brush or other sponges).
Repurchase : Yes, if i can find a spree open on FD :)


  1. it's been on my wish list too mada.. good to hear good review from you.. definitely will purchase it although i have to wait 1,5 months until it arrived.. :)

  2. @esti : same!! and been dying to try superstay (from maybelline also), lama yak nunggu si baby2 ini nyampe indo *sigh* thank u anyway for dropping by *smooch*

  3. xixi.. iya nunggu mpe lumutan.. untung bagus ya say.. klo aku dying to try fit me by maybelline.. packagingnya imuuuut

  4. mada, bedanya yg di jar ama yg di botol yg ada pump nya apa ya? pernah liat soalnya yg maybelline mousse dia tempatnya di botol pake pump gitu..
    also, mendingan mana, revlon mousse sama ini?
    harganya berapa mada? po dimana?
    *nanya borongan mode on* :D

  5. @andriani :beda tekstur pastinya say :D
    kalo yang di botol dia liquid kan, kalo yang di pot itu bentuknya mousse, light creamy.. easier to blend.
    gak pernah pake si revlon mousse, gak bisa compare. tapi kalo compare pake yang temenku si maybelline yang liquid, i prefer this one.. for my personal taste yah...
    yang ini bisa ikut PO drugstore, ceki2 aja di MP. sekitar 100-110 kalo gak salah harganya.
    @esti : worth it kok kalo yang ini, kalo yang fit me.. katanya meleleh loh, ada yang review.. cek2 aja review-nya dl mak sebelum memutuskan beli, good luck :)