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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Regular TO on rainy day

Wet Wet Wet... no, it's not the band name's, it just the weather going crazy nowadays.
Windy and wet everyday, my poor umbrella can't take it anymore :p

And i super HATE rain, it makes my clothes dirty... and when i walk the cars and bikes made a serious splash on me also. Dear you drivers, please have more attention to us, the foot walker! (is it the right term for "pejalan kaki'?)

I like to layered up and get properly covered on this kind of weather.

Outer : OL SHop in FB
Top : ITC Ambassador
Jeans : Ramayana P.Siantar
Stocking + Ring : Small boutique near my uni
Wedges : St. Ives
Necklace : Gift from Yuliana Christina
Bag : Belezza

Also, i tried to loosen up my finger a bit, it's been so long since i put make up on. What do you think?

Brow : Lyra
Eyeshadow : Sari Ayu 25th Anniversary Palette
Eyeliner : Pixy black pencil
Mascara : Maybelline (one coat only)

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