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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eyebrow Story - My favourite

Did you ever get pissed because you have to redo you eyebrow after few hours of using?
Just because you have bang, sometimes the bang swipe away your eyebrow and make it look un-even.
I get that, a lot! While i was using my Viva Eyebrow Pencil. I did use Viva for several years tho'. Don't get me wrong, i love the texture. It is easy to draw, the texture is so soft wont't hurt your skin, and it is so easy to blend.Well you can always get more coverage with adding matching color of eyeshadow after Viva to make it more last, but too much work. I like to get my eyebrow done, quick and easy. Also with Viva the color is a bit orange-y and red-dish so it didn't match my black eyebrow.

After searching ang lots of watching, i came up with this 4 Eyebrow Pencil that was my favourite. Guess what? It's still afordable, remember you don't have to spend lots of money for decorative product to save up :)

Here is the champion, ladies.
L : With flash R : Without Flash

From L to R, Inez eyebrown pencil in dark brown approx $3 (IDR 23.000), NYX eyebrow pencil -  chocolate (price may vary in different shop), Lyra Eyebrow Pencil in brown approx $1 (IDR 8.000), Lyra Eyebrow Pencil in Black aprox. $1 (IDR 8.000)

The swatches

With Flash 
No Flash

Texture :

Inez : The hardest one, it's quite difficult to draw with, you have to keep it sharp to make it easier
NYX : Creamy and so easy to draw with, but sometimes it's tricky, it make a thick line, and you have to carefully draw it with thin strokes
Lyra : My favourite, texture so smooth and easy to draw with

Blendable :

Inez : Easy
NYX : Easy
Lyra : Easy

Endurance :

They pretty much the same, from morning till night, i never touch up my eyebrow while using them

The only problem with them are the color, because i have a black hair and black eyebrow, sometimes if i put them on light strokes the color didn't match. But with practise, they end up fine.

What's your favourite eyebrow pencil, ladies?

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