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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Natural Look

I've been neglecting my skin care ritual lately, and it did show the un-wanted result. My face is full of white heads and pimples, so i didn't wear too much product on my face. And i did like how i look like, not pale but simple natural make up. 
With Maybelline bb cream, Marcks loose powder in creme, and Nyx natural cream blush on, mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss. I'm set.

outdoor no flash

indoor no flash

outdoor no flash - just me, posing :D
I've found a new way to wear my cream blush on, and this is my favourite way to wear it since. I know probably all of you know it already but it's not a sin sharing it with you again rite :p

First : I dipped my brush to my cream blush, and with tap it to my cheek while i'm smiling so i got the perfect apple of the cheek.
Second : I blend it carefully both sides
Third : Then, i applied my powder (in this case i always use loose powder, but did tried with TWC and the result is doing just fine also, gives a hint of glowy cheek)

My cheek, hope the picture is clear enough for you guys to see. I'll catch you guys later. Bubye....


  1. How did you do the eye makeup? just eyeliner?

  2. @ steph : yes, just eyeliner on upper lash and TWC all over my lid, crease and browbone. Plus mascara only...

  3. u look pretty.. I love natural make up look too.. :)

  4. i love your lips, so sexy <3

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    good luck <3

  5. Mada ... eike sudah lama ga maampir ... rambut baru nihhh .. cakep nekk