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Friday, July 29, 2011

Report of my Absence

Hola dear ladies, how are you guys doing? Still fantabulous, i believe!!!

Miss blogging so much, and of course FD and FOTD, and hauling T-T
I've been neglecting my blog for months (June and July), and to start again kinda confuse, i think i get behing everybody in everything. But will catch up soon, PROMISE.

So, here's my story (excuse to be exact :p).. Me and my team (The Singers Chamber Choir) got picked to compete in Italy for the Seghizzi 50th, Internazionale Di Canto Corale. It's one of the oldest competition in Europe which make the competition is prestigious and to compete, we must send our vocal sample and the judges gonna audition us. So long story come short, we got picked among of hundreds choir that applied from all over the world to compete there. And beside Iran, we are the only contestant that represent ASIA.

It's not easy, we need like approx. IDR 900.000.000 for this competition and got only 3 month to do the fund raising. Believe me, it's not EASY at all. But Thank God, we made it. And thanks to our sponsor and family we can go and compete there.

The result? PROUD OF THESE AWARDS!!!! Check on it yourself, once again.. Indonesia is known for the beautiful voices not for violation only. proud to sing "Indonesian Anthem" there... One of the best moment in my life.

Singing "Yamko Rambe Yamko" with correography
My dear Chorister, we've been singing for 11 years and still going strong

Don't wanna bored you ladies with the details, but we got invited to have 2 concert in Vienna as well.

So the whole trip was, Indonesia - Singapore - Turky - Venice - Gorizzia - Slovenia - Deutch-Wargram - Vienna.

One FOTD on our last concert in Vienna - In Baju Bodo
 Don't ask for the haulage, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SHOP!!! (Crying Out Loud, it's summer sale everywhere T-T).

Link for one video (our dear friends from Peninsula Choir upload it, thanks :) )
Yamko Rambe Yamko


  1. OMG in Italy??????
    I'M TOTALLY JEALOUS. I wish I could go to Italy right now!!
    Congrats on this achievement and wish you more success in the future!!

  2. wuawww kereeennnn!!!! Keren banget mada! ;D
    I wish I could go there to someday! >.<

  3. Congrats mada!!! Well, welcome back dear!

  4. @fifi : thank u dear, but i didn't go to Milan or Rome that fancy city hihi.. the make up was so expensive, they charge more for US make up such as maybelline and max factor, so i didn't buy any. Sad :'(

    @cominica : hai.. liat FOTD mu jg lucu2, jd inget sblm pergi ada event cosplay di Bandung, kalo kamu ikutan pasti menang deh :) thank u yak

    @hana : haii... i envy your beauty gathering so much... hiks... thanks btw say :)

  5. Congrats Madaaaaa!! WOW ke Vienna yaaa?? Senangnya!