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Friday, June 3, 2011

White Head versus Daiso Black Mask

I hate white head.. Usually i have no problem with white head. But after using Wardah Sun Screen gel i feel like i got tons of it. So i stopped using it for a week now, and it did reduce the white head a bit. But to deal with the white head, i got this Daiso Black Mask. I got this mask quite a while now, the tube already 75 % left. Been using it twice a month or more sometimes, depends on my skin condition. But i never wore this mask twice a week, at least once a week.
Sorry i didn't understand the ingredients because it was written in Japanese.

How i used this mask : 
  • I clean my face first with milk cleanser
  • Sometimes i peel my face before using this mask (optional) 
  • I let my face dried a bit and re-wet the nose area so the mask will be easier to absorb and peel the white head off later
  • I applied this mask using a brush (but finger will do the job also, i just prefer using brush for my mask ritual) 
  • Let it dried for about 15 mins
  • Peel it off 
This might kinda gross ladies, but you understand the satisfaction after the peeling and see all those white head been removed, rite? (evil grin >:D)

Pro's : Easy to use, texture is thick, Dry quite fast, Removes white heads, cheap $4-$5 ( IDR 40.000)
Hate : Not available locally
Repurchase : Yes, if i can get a ready stock not waiting for a spree to opens

If you have another ritual of removing white head, please let me know. I'm dying to fight these "aging" on my face hahaha.... Have a nice days ladies, and keep FABULOUS ^^


  1. wah..kelihatannya bagus yaaa...beli dimana?

  2. Di lapak kittymiky di FD say :) 40 rb
    Tapi jarang ready stock... kalo di KL gitu2 beli di watson i think.. good luck :D

  3. saii..kok harga-nya 30rb, km beli 40 ribu? hahaha
    tp ya ttp muraaaaah!
    aku mau hunting ah..thanks alot yaaa! ^^d

  4. @severus : iya ada yang jual lebih murah dirimu beruntuuung hehe, ada 4 tuh stock-nya ayo berburu :)

  5. muraah bgt looh..aku cek di kaskus 100rb-125rb..
    harga nya beda jauuuh kan...! >_<

    klo di fd, td aku ceki2 yg restok di mecshoponline, tp 45 rb..
    siapa saii yang jual 30 rb?

  6. Di market plaza - beauty warehouse - mini make up sale (lupa halaman berapa, nick FD : xcotzglamz). Ada yang jual 40 rb juga, lupa sapa.. coba dicek say, mudah2an masih ada yak :)
    Hehehe... itu tujuannyaa "CANTIK TANPA BANGKRUT" Semoga membantu :)

  7. ralat di thread mini beauty sale : skin care.
    nih link nya, http://femaledaily.com/showthread.php?t=3609&page=8

  8. waduhh .. itu ternyata ampuh toh say? duhh mau deh klo gtu cobain :D

    btw salam kenal yaa .. im a new follower