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Friday, June 3, 2011

Amuse Blush Palette

Meet amuse blush palette ladies, i got asked several time already to do this review. Apologize for the late reply, i've been busy :(
Anyway i love this blush palette. At first i was underestimating this palette a bit, because of it's packaging. But surprisingly :
It was not powdery nor chalky ; Gorgeous gradation of coral and pinkish color ; Love it's pigmentation ; Staying power is awesome ; It's CHEAP (on the web it cost less than $5) but to get it to my doorstep i have to pay approx.  $10 ( IDR 90.000).

What i HATE is the brush! Not using it at all.. I'm gonna repurchase this in other shade.

Note : I took the swatches almost 4 hour earlier, and it still got stain on my hands now (while i'm posting this). 


  1. maaakkk..kangeeennn.. *big hugg*
    tu blush cantek2 amat siihhh
    beli dimana?
    warna laennya apa?
    hehehehe... pengeen juga neehh ^^

  2. setuju, cantik2 banget warnanya <3

  3. @andriani : banget say, tahan lama juga....
    @maika : my pleasure darl :)
    @poo : dirimu kemana ajaaa..... ya oli... dicari2 ama eyke di FOTD gak nongol2.. si andriani juga, tampak kita lagi sama2 sibuk yak.. warna lainnya blm cek seri yang lain, si palette ini cm ada 2 seri. yang satunya cek aja di cherry culture mak..

  4. iya niiihhh... kangenn..^^
    tapi kamu hebat euy bisa tetep eksis online yaakk
    lima jempol daahhh.. hahahahha...
    tetep semangat ya maakk..