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Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Impression : Dove Hair Fall Treatment with Trichazole

We always did this right, before get to attached with someone we always did some research first. Well, so is beauty blogging thingy. Before full review we will tested it and see how it goes.
Like tested every products on our back of the hands before put it in our face or body whatsoever right, to see it that products will get us on allergic reaction or not?

Same here, I tested this once and seriously.. i’d be stupid if not sharing this good news to all of you! First try to say, “TRICHAZOLE
Gimme T, Gimme R, Gimme I.. *cheerleader mode on* forget it, I suck haha.. 
Trichazole : What it does to your hair? Menutrisi akar rambutmu agar lebih kuat.
Gunakan satu rangkaian dan rasakan hasilnya hanya dalam 14 HARI, tertera di salah satu kemasannya, kinda brave making that promise to a girl huh? Don’t you think? 
Well let’s get to my Hair Journey., shall we? Because from now on I made my commitment, to take a good care of my hair. Sama kayak tagline DOVE di setiap produk mereka “Deep Down Care and Repair – LOVE YOUR HAIR”.

Shampoo. Pemakaian yang dianjurkan adalah kita keramas minimal dua hari sekali supaya rambut dan kulit kepala kita bersih!

Conditioner untuk menutrisi helai helai rambut yg dipake setelah keramas.. dan inget ya Fantabulous, pakenya dari batang rambut bagian tengah hingga ke ujungnya, jangan dari kulit kepala.. Ajaran yg salah itu :p

Daily Treatment Conditioner yg merupakan dual combination dari treatment mask dan conditioner yg biasa kita pake, dan fungsinya jelas beda dong dari conditioner biasa.. ;) Daily Treatment Conditioner ini juga sama, dipake setelah keramas di batang rambut (dari tengah ke ujung), dan fungsinya supaya rambut ternutrisi dan tampak lebih kuat..

This is the best part! Why I love it, going to give a hint. See it here

I use this for the first time, and as all of you can see rambut rontoknya berkurang bahkan dari pemakaian pertama. Yeay!

Intensive Roots Treatment yg mengandung Trichazole, Ginseng, dan Soy Protein.. Ini dia jagoan kecil yg bakal jadi superhero untuk mengurangi rambut rontok kita, langsung dari akarnya! Stay tune in my blog for the next days to see my review ya, Fantabulous! Because it’s special, it has to be treated in a special way as well :)

Can’t wait to give all of you full review of this series. Stay tuned Fantabulous!

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