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Friday, August 24, 2012

L'OCCITANE Creme Radieuse - Hydration Cream (With Organic Angelica Water and Essential Oil)

How do you say L'OCCITANE? It's simply LOX-EE-TAN ^^
Want to know how to pronounce it right? Click http://www.facebook.com/loccitane.usa/app_190322544333196?ref=ts

Not only my body is dry, but apparently being too long in air conditioned room affects my face too.

This year, YES as i grow older i need to pay extra attention to my skin. That's why i talked about skin care a lot this year. Keep searching for the perfect match to fits my body and face condition.

L'OCCITANE Indonesia send me a bunch of stuffs. I guess i got lucky, thank you L'OCCITANE Indonesia. There are 2 products became my favourite.

On this post i'm gonna talked about this Creme Radieuse - Hydration Cream (With Organic Angelica Water and Essential Oil).

First : What is Angelica?

It's not a girls name for sure :)
Angelia plant has a tremendous vitality. With its amazing water retention structure, it is able to lock moisture for its rapid growth and be the source of hydration.

Then Jean-Louis PIERRISNARD - L'OCCITANE Scientific Director researched the relationship between the hydration function of Angelica and human skin and discover the powerful Angelica Complex. and has been proven 39% give intensive hydration and vitality to the skin.

Seems promising, right?

I use this Hydration Cream for one month now. And i can say my skin loving it.

Before we get into the review, let's see this baby.

L'OCCITANE Creme Radieuse with Organic Angelica and Essential Oil


My experience :

I'm not using this products alone, i use pre-essence before using this Hydration Cream.
I used this Hydration Cream at night, before sleep. Because now my focus is my dry skin, so i will keep it hydrate before i move forward to brightening it and get rid of my dark spots.

After removing my make up, i wash my face with facial wash, and put toner afterward.
Put an amount of Pre-Essence, then eye cream, and then i used this Hydration Cream, that's how i've roll for the past month.

And as the result, i love my skin condition right now. It only breaks me out near my period time, which is normal.

And woke up in the morning with moist and supple face.

What i love about this Hydration Cream

Not Perfume-y, even i smell almost no scent.
Texture very blendable, easy to absorb on skin surface 
15 ml, last more than a month which means you don't need to put large amount on it you already can feel it
More hydrate skin after using

What i don't like but bearable

If i decided to put this cream in the morning, i have to use extra sun protection because it contains no SPF
The packaging, i would prefer if they had plastic seal instead of the aluminium seal.

My skin condition right now

Yeah, better right? Excuse the eyebag, it's been forever there LOL..
I'll leave you to judge. Would be nice if you give me your two cents, feel free to drop your comments.
Thank you for reading my dearest fantabulous....

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