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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year everyone who celebrate, and happy long weekend to those who doesn't.

This is a long posponed post, and while the wi-fi connection is on i'll try to update. I'm pulling all nighter now, because leaving my hometown in 3AM tomorrow, now is around 10.55 PM.
Gonna be a long road, from my hometown Parapat city - Lake Toba to Medan Around 200something kms. Means around 4 hours driving, untill i reach Medan where the airport is. And flight direct to Bandung instead of Jakarta, because i have to meet my professor for my Thesis. Wish me luck everybody.

Now let's on to the night before the Lunar New Year, we called it "Sa Cap Me" means the thirty is a date before the Lunar, same like Christmas Eve. It's the night where families gathered and festive, with food and later in the middle of the night praying. We pray to "Thi Kong" means Sky god? <= need help on this one, because i don't know the exact name for it. And to Kwan Im (Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara), praying for health and prosperity and many more hearts desire.

On to the Lunar New Year, we woke up dress with our new dresses* and wishes everybody "GONG XI FA CHAI" and of course asked the elder (married ones) for angpau** hehe.... After that we went to Vihara, to pray. And usually followed with visiting relatives (Pai Ni).
* It's a believe that we must have new something (usually outfit) on Lunar, because it represents the new prosperity. It's ok if you can only afford one pair of new underwear, simply new ones.
** Angpau: Maybe everyone already know? That angpau is a red envelope that filled with money, that given from the parents to their kids or relatives that already married. I don't exactly knows why only married people can gives angpau. The married kids usually gives angpau to their parents too, and the married kids usually don't get angpau anymore, it's their turn to gives back. The nominal inside is up to the giver.

Lunar New Year is celebrated for 15 days, and the 15th days is called "Cap Go Me" means the 15th night, :) And it's the night where the angpau given is over hiks.. Yeah on Lunar we get to get angpau for 15 days from different people of course, they won't give you tiwce haha... (altho' i wish so sometimes ;p)

The 9th day is the Birthday of the "Thi Kong", and we pray at the 8th day at midnight to the 9th day. I hope you get my point, hehhe... It's the day we eat the cake, what it is called the sticky brown ones?

That's pretty much i can came up to, well just google-d if you wanna know more about this Lunar thingy yeah?

Lunar, receiving angpau and praying to Vihara

Food Festive - Sa Cap Me

My Mum and Dad

Siblings without my big sister and my angel niece, miss them :(

Praying at midnight before Lunar




  1. wah papa mama nya cina bener yak mukanya tapi kamu gak cina lho medan banget menurutku.. kkk.. *jadi inget temen yang punya pengalaman sama*
    anyway happy lunar new year ^_^

    1. mana temennya? kenalin, senasib haha..
      Thx u mak ucapannya :)

  2. Makkkk, kamu freshhh banget disini!! totally different. pengen tau ah adonan FOTD nya

  3. kak mada tuh china toh ? selama ini kukira ini orang sulawesi atau mana loooh .. betewe dressnya cakep bgt :D

    1. ahhahaha... banyak kok yang gak menyangka aku cina :)
      makasih dear, udh mampir :)

  4. Cantiknya kamuuu ^o^ dressnya lucuuu deh xD