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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aula Simfonia Jakarta with Symphonia Vienna

Quick post on our gig last weekend, New Year Concert With The Soloist of Symphonia Orchestra simply wanna show you guys the place. The place itself cost IDR 120.000.000 for one day *glek* imagine how many tons of foundation is that, LOL.

We only perform one song, but it was a huge opportunity, we sung "Alleluia - Ralph Manuel". I love this song so much! Here is the link of our rehearsal before (only some of us attend,because the others had to work hiks) Rehearsing Alleluia and here's another link when we perform this song back in July 2011. Performing Alleluia

Anyway i am blessed because i can watch and hear the Vienna well known artist, Symphonia Vienna  played. And the one that came to Indonesia was the soloists of the Orchestra. My ears was pampered, altho' i have to admit that i was so sleepy at the first session. I'm not a big classical junkie :p
With 15 member that perform in Aula Simfonia Jakarta that night, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Harp (Our own Pride,Rama Widi is Indonesian), Flute (i was flown away hearing she play), Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet (the most energetic one >.<), Trombone, Timpani let's just said that those 3 hours was an "eargasm" for me and i root for the conductor OMG!

After concert with Mr. Conductor
PS : His hair seriously bounce while he walks. I need to asked what shampoo he was using :p
And i'm so tall YEAY, naaah, it was him bend down, hiks..

Not to mention their great music talents, all i can say was they're really trouble maker. Why? I thought all the classical musicians have a serious personality, They're so warmth, and welcoming, and supportive to us (blah.. we're nothing compare to them). Also they came with this innovation but keeps the tradition. They show off their major talents on session one (<= we know they're THAT GOOD, that they can made me feel sleepy >.< my lullaby was the tracks from Dj Chuckie and Dj Avicii FYI) and they give us surprising effect on the session 2. They sing, they scream, the conductor clapping with us. They also perform 4 Indonesian folk songs (Ampar-ampar Pisang,O Ina Ni Keke, Jali-Jali, Yamko Rambe Yamko) arranged by their own member, Shi Ri.

I heard they got delayed before come to Jakarta (i believe they fly from Beijing for another tour concert), but they still can perform with no flaws. BRAVO!

Enough of that, time to show off (bear with me my dear fantabulous). *evil grin*

We watched they rehearse on screen only :(


Camera camera, capture the pretty faces of us all *chant* :D

Surely not admiring the painting, i was being narcistic :D (i still got tons of pics in front of this painting tho')

yeah America Next Top Model wannabe >.<
Rama Widi is the first Harp Player in Indonesia. He performed more than 20 times being soloist in famous Orchestra all over the world since 2005. And he didn't stop, he also enjoy to enriched his talent by taking master class from World class harpist such as Jana Bouskova, Marie Claire Jamet and lots more. He started learn Harp back in 2004 and in 2010 graduated from Vienna Conservatory with Cumlaude (In Indonesia, it equal with Master Degree). Now his aim is to "educated" people in his origin country, our beloved Indonesia to appreciate and learn the Classical Music to think and achieve big in Classical music like all the European does. We hope, no, we are very sure that we will see more from him in the future, Viva La Musica.

For me, music heals.. i hope for you guys too.


  1. Wooow.. gedungnya keren banget mada, congrats for the show!!

    1. Ehem, gedungnya amazing bgt yah! Akunya jg gak hahaha... <=minta ditampar :p

  2. aduh, mada.. baca postingan lo gw jadi kangen masa-masa gw ikut paduan suara. those were several fun years, walopun cuma paduan suara gereja kecil2an :') pada akhirnya gw berenti karena sibuk kuliah.

    suara lo apa nek? gw alto, sering disuruh ngisi alto 2 saking altonya dikiiiittt dan gw males ngangkat2 suara.. ahaha..

    1. @celle : wah.. ikt lagi aja seru dan banyak pengalaman ikutan organisasi tuh,hehe.. aku sopran mak :)
      thx udh mampir yah..