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Saturday, January 7, 2012

How i Lost 10 Kgs

Well, on Fd and Twitter everyone's been asking me about how did i loose my weight?
To be honest, i don't know. Probably staying late, and stress caused it.
But i did notice if i eat properly, 3 times a day and stick to the timing, it helps me to loose weight! I'm not an expert of anything, but that's how i did lost it. And it's not on short term, probably about 2 years till i got my current weight.

After i got back from Italy last July, i gained like 6 kg. And now my weight is back to normal, 44kg.
I never bother to check my ideal weight or whatsoever, as long as i feel comfortable. And my weight never pass 55kg, usually 53 or 54 kg the max.
Thanks to my fellow blogger Miss Fifi from www.prettymuchmakeup.com she reminded me to tell you pretties about my height, haha.. i forgot that essential information.
Well i'm 150cm/44kgs right now, and i don't know how to calculate the ideal weight, but some people do tell me that i have to loose a couple kgs to get to my ideal weight.

I don't think i will be able to lost anymore kgs, because my cheek and under eye will look seriously bad, not fresh at all. And with my body shape that has so many curves, i'm happy with what i am now, i just want to be healthy.

Honest, i didn't take loose weight pills, or medication whatsoever. I eat properly because i have gastric and it did helps, and the negativity of staying late until dawn did make a serious damage to my body, so i did loose weight but not in a healthy way last 2010 and 2011. <= Please don't follow this step, seriously unhealthy!!!!!

You ladies should probably eat 3 times a day and manage to eat at the exact same time everyday, and not to eat after 7 it did helps. Cliche, but it's the healthy way!!! You prefer healthy body even late progress than quick progress but your body is gonna pay for it later?

My friends also told me that with eating less fried stuff, she can manage healthier body and skin and loose weight in several months.

Here what i look like back in 2009 and early 2010.

Me, 2 days ago

Outer : Forever21
Dress : Korean Ol Shop -FB
Tights : Sogo - PVJ
Shoes : Catwalk - BTC
Syal : H&M
Belt : unbranded


  1. What a big achievement to lose 10 kgs! I think you look great! You should probably let us know about your height too because that's essential in order to determine our healthy weight.

    44 kg was my weight when I was kelas 6 SD. Hahah XD
    You must be a cute petite lady ;)

  2. 44kg so envy, ga pernah dibawah 55kg nih. huhuhu

  3. Waw.. xD it reminds me how I lost 10 kgs few years ago, (but gain around 2-3 kgs again now)..

    I agree with you, when I lost my weight I didn't take any pills or medicine..just a healthy lifestyle you'd mentioned above..^^ I even didn't realize I'd lost my weight that much until all of my friends told me about it hehe..

    And you look awesome right now ^^..

  4. @fifi : yeah, i forgot to mention that, thx for reminding will edited soon.
    :D not petite, i'm bohay to be exact... *blush*

    @pygmalion : bok, dirimu tingggi, aku mini, dipanggil hobbit ama tmn2ku >.<

    @chino-chan : we all looks awesome dear, you too with your long smooth hair *envy* yeah.. i feel you, i feel that i lost weight after my beloved jeans told me (melonggar dgn hebat diak, sampe kukecilin ke tukang jait, saking sayangnya ama jins-nya).

  5. yeap I know it..jeans-jeans jadi ga ketat lagi, beberapa longgar banget malah..baju-baju yang biasanya ga muat karena kekecilan dikit, jadi pada muat.. cari baju juga jadi ngga susah de... yeyyy xD suka keki dulu-dulu naksir baju eh sempit dikit aja..jatohnya jadi ga bagus T ^ T

  6. seriuuus yaah aku juga segituuu pengapnyaa hahaa....
    aku sampe dapet julukan beberapa tahun kemaren.si GEMBUl! indah banget ga tuhh.huhuhu.... tapi kalo skg, siapa yang berani manggil aku gembul lagi aku jitak...agak2 trauma soalnya hahaha

  7. @Chino-Chan : bener banget! :D tp kalo aku skrg ttp msh susah cari ukuran bra yang tepat hiks..
    @Sha Aullia : Ada blog juga gak say? Mau link-nya, mau follow jg :) btw calling nicknames on people is not cool, fat or not (termasuk verbal bullying loh itu, bikin org down soalnya bener gak?):( glad you over that being bullied phase already.

  8. iya down banget... gembul pulaakk panggilannya T_T ehya blog aku secretofcatwalk.blogspot.com :)

  9. @white lotus ak jg kalo bra dari dlu emang susah.. T ^ T biasanya stok-stok tuh yang sedeng2 aja semua.. dipaksain pake ya ga napas..yang bener-bener pas jarangggg banget ketemunya, apalagi yang modelnya lucu-lucu, pasti deh kecil-kecil semua ukurannnya *derita big boobs* huhu.. ><

  10. kak mada congrats ya sukses dietnyaa .. aku lagi pengen diet nih soalnya semua org udah pada bilang gemuk hueee ..kayaknya aku overweight 13kg dari berat yang dulu, kuliah g pernah olahraga langsung duerrr meletus kayak miss piggy T.T