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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Beloved Make Up Now and Then

I've been raving a lot about my beloved Inez eyeshadow and wearing a lot of Amuse blush palette on my FOTD.

Now they look like this, some almost hit pan. And the Amuse was fall twice and cracked, but i fix that with alcohol, and they look ugly, but the pigmentation is not changing. Love it!

Vienna - Venice - Pattaya
I seriously want Inez Palette, quite forgot about it for several month, but yesterday when at Kelas Dandan, i was using Sephora Color Play - 5 in 1 Palette and blah... not loving it.
Why? Chalky, and not pigmented! Even with my beloved Aubeau eyeshadow base. It faded after 4 hours application. But to be fair, it did a good job for them that has NC 20-30 skin tone. Not for me, my lid didn't appreciate them much LOL...

PS : Inez Palette cost not more for $50 (approx IDR 450k).
Consist of : 12 lipstick, 2 concealer, 20 eyeshadow, 6 blush on, 5 face powder.


  1. i loveeee inez eyeshadow too!!!
    love love love~
    it's great price and wearable~~

  2. @severus : setujuh, punya jg donk blush on no 08-nya :D cakepp!!!! heheheh....

  3. blm pernah coba blushnyaaa..pngeen ah kapan2...:D :D