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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trench Coat!

In this tropical country esp here in Indonesia (we only got two season, DRY AND WET), we still look at those girls that pull coat and boots awkward. We sometimes gives them "the look" that says "hey babe, where's the snowman" if we saw someone wearing coat and boots. Admit it!!! LOL

I fancy coat, but i don't fancy snow! Yeah probably i'm one of the those people that doesn't like snow at all, i don't know, just don't feel it. I refuse to go on vacation on winter. I even hate rain! I'm a tropical babe! I love wearing coat, and now is the perfect moment since the weather is wet, raining almost all day. But i don't have the courage to pull the boots yet, coz i have a short leg. I know ankle bots will do the trick but, naah... not yet boots :)

Yesteday, i decided to wear my flowery backless LBD, pairing it with coat outside, and flats since i'm not doing cafe, or anything just at home chilling with friends.

Here's the alternative of wearing coat part one, i dress it down! Means no heels, casual only :D

These also fabulous with :

Tops and skirt.
Tops and jeans.
Tops and short.

Or anything else you prefer! It matches almost everything, would love to see how you wear your coat, ladies :)

Now on to faces, decided to wear light make up only..
Face :
Sariayu moisturizer, Oxy5 for my acnes, Skin79 BB Cream, ZA true white foundation shade 22.
Inez blush on shade Gold Dipped Brick (apply light strokes only)
Eyes :
Inez eyeshadow quad in Venice, Pixy Black eyeliner pencil, Maybelline VE mascara, Lyra Brown eyebrow pencil
Lips :
RedA lipstick


  1. I like your earrings and shoes!! I've seen a girl wearing a red trench coat here and I thought it was really lovely. I want to get one and maybe a pair of flat slouchy boots too. I don't really mind what people say about them. XD

  2. @fifi : earring gift, and shoes on sale 50% :D
    I envy you, you have a super chicken-y leg, it wouldn't matter for you. I have to re-think coz i'm a shortie, but seriously it bugged me, to get a pair. But still thinking. Update please if you decided to buy, bet will looks good on you XOXO

  3. I want to make love to you when you wear that outfit. The skirt makes it easy for us to have sex in different positions, I could bend you over and take you doggy and get my cock really deep into your pussy, or for you yo lie down and we fuck missionary then I could see your full breasts, then you you get on top and ride me, while I look up at your beauty. I much prefer short girls, so much sexier