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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kelas Dandan Looxperiments

Hey ho, done stealing pics! I forgot to take pics with my digicam, yeah... can i be anymore stupid? They're so nice allowing me to grab some of the pics :p
The full picture, you can have a sneak peak on their facebook page

I came late, 30 mins, so i miss the introduction part, and the beginning of the class. >.<

Kelas Dandan Looxperiments


Last Sunday, Jan, 8th, 2011. Held in @WarungNgebul at Jl. Dago No. 230 Bandung, the owner of this cute resto is @Vabyo, he's a writer, very talented man, i read one of his book already, and if got some cash would run to get another book he wrote.
I like the place, they're not that big, but cozy, you feel like you're dining in your lawn, and the menus, is GREAT BUT CHEAP. I love almost all of the food there, that's why i'm so excited when i knew that the Kelas Dandan will be held in Warung Ngebul. And surprisingly, i can order my fav menu, it was included in the fee for this Kelas Dandan, yumm!!!

Who is the tutor?

The Kelas Dandan event was thrown by @looxperiments, i can't believe i just knew them. WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!!!! I knew looxperiment from talented Mr. @Endi_Feng, and i just can't stop reading it, they review great products, and they have weekly event, like an experiment on make up look (they throw so many already, from flapper to gyaru look). You guys can submit your look to their FB Page or Twitter base of that week theme, everybody is welcome and invited. So what do you waiting my dear fantabulous, grab your make up kit and start doing your face :)
Looxperiments admins are Vina @akanebina for make up, Lidya @just_lidya for hair do and helping the contestant with make up also, Okke @sepatumerah as "victim" that day for practising make up hehe and the talented photographer, Yullie @13vyl the helper,she livetweet the event on twitter.

Kelas dandan have 2 curriculum, make up party and hair do. I only take hair do. Because i was so lazy when it comes to hair, and don't have the passion >.<


After given the freebies kit (who doesn't love freebies) such as, make up brush, make up sponges, falsies we got prep on face(cleansing), and do the eye make up first, afterward, we go on and put foundation, learn to contouring nose and cheek, and putting falsies doooh... the most intriguing part of make up haha...
The event take longer than i thougt, it was full of laugh and fun.

After done with make up, they threw a doorprize, a lot of it from beauty book to eyeshadow! I didn't win *sobbing* :p

Now on to review shall we, ladies, don't worry i'm being brutally honest too, like i did on FD Kelas Dandan
Note : Not that i didn't love the kelas dandan that was held by FD I LOVE IT, trust me but will submit for the advance one next time, but i feel more home-y and comfy in my own home town (cliche, i know) :)

Love :

*The ambience is so friendly and home-y. Make the newbies really comfortable and not hesitate while the progress, the interaction process is nice between the tutor and the contestant.
*I learn some new tips, and realize every teacher have different way of putting make up. Who is right or wrong, well they have explanation for that. I think it's just a matter of preferences, such as, what first? Eye make up or foundation? Nothing wrong if you want to use your foundation before eye make up. <= Embrace all the new knowledge and if you can apply that, then it's good, if you stop learning then it's already a FAILURE, right my fantabulous??
*For such a cheap price for knowledge, they charge IDR 275k (approx. $ 30 if using $1 = IDR 9k) for make up and hair do we got food also, not only meal, but from appetizer to dessert, i skipped the yummy dessert because i have to run to another gig, sadly :(
*I did some chit chat with Okke, and she said if the contestant was more than 10, they will separate it, wow such an non-profit thinking. It means they're really sincere to share with us the knowledge and make each of us can practice at home by ourselves. Nice thinking!
*They do keep wanna keep in touch with us, the contestant, they asked for our data's such as names, blog (if have),twitter and email.

Hate :

*Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against the place, but i feel bad to the owner, many customers came and they didn't have the tables, half is full to the event. As a daughter of restaurant owner and studying marketing, that was called lost sale hohohoho.. BLAH <= reminds me, i have to get my thesis done hiks!
* I hate the lighting, for me that have minus 7, i need more lighting when doing make up.

What i think they can improve in the future?

Overall i love the event, to know more people, to learn new things, and to keep in touch, i got many new friends. I would love to attend another Kelas Dandan with different type of curriculum, maybe "How to Apply Make Up for Other?", and oh yeah maybe for the next event for Kelas Dandan they can give like some kind of suggestion, of what newbies should have in their make up case? Last but not least, me myself like to be told what gone wrong with my make up, some kind of feedback, what did i did good at the class, what should i practice more in the future.

Enough rambling, i know you all wanna see my pretty face *vomit* hahahaha... joke ladies :p
Sorry i only grab my pictures i have to respect their copyright hey? ^^ You can have a sneak peak on the link that i give you on the top of the post.

Before - After


@just_lidya tutoring me

@just_lidya doing hair do

@akanebina doing eye make up

@sepatumerah and @Vabyo


  1. This looks like fun! I'm sure you learned many tips and tricks from the MUA!
    I myself think it's best to wear eye makeup first because I wear smoky looks 90% of the time, and I hate having black eyeshadow fallouts on my foundation. XD
    But if you rarely wear eyshadow (only liner and mascara for example), then maybe putting on foundation first is not such a bad idea.

  2. @fifi : WOW, you "actually" read my post, most people only go for the pics spam haha... Thx dear i had fun! And have "foodgasm" there, LOL.
    yeah i had fun, and they were so patient answering my questions. I learned that true there's no rules in make up, only tips and tricks.

    1. dari kemarin2 susah aja ya komen di tempatmu. Hiks! Anyway,terima kasih buat reviewnya ya ;-)

  3. @Ms.Ami : Mereka sering ngadain kok say, per3 bulan kyknya, kmrn nguping haha... Tp kl peminat 10 org mereka mau ngadain jg, ayo cari temen2nya :)