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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Haul Gone WRonG

Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................. i bought these gorgeous nude heels. Ok! I admit, my fault, been promising not to buy another shoes, but come on! Just one pair :blush: and it was 70% sale, plus i want i NEED a pair of nude shoes, PLUS IT's (supposed to be) MY SIZE 35 du du du >.<

I bought it in the afternoon, so they said, if wanna buy a pair of shoes, better bought it at noon or night, because that's your true size. I don't know if that's true or not, or the logic explanation behind that, that's why we have google i think hahaha... If you girls curious just go browsing, i can't help on that :p

Anyway, when i bought it, i was trying it walking around the store, and the next store to show it to my bencongs, and they were like," LUCKY b*tch, how'd you get one pair of that with less than $10?" <= TRANSLATION, THEY LIKE IT, LOL...

But, the misery begin yesterday when i wanna wear it to attend my buddy's wedding. Mama, my shoes ain't fit me no more (singing in RnB style). Now i'm sad, literally, i'm gonna take it to mr.shoe man, to fix it, adding something maybe? I don't know, i just wanna wear it, badly.. huhuhuhu... :sobbing:


  1. less than $10??? where did you bought it? >_<
    Very nice shoes.. too bad it can't fit you.. hope you can reapir it

  2. Looks like they're a very well made pair of shoes! Sorry to hear they don't fit anymore. I have experienced the same thing once.

  3. @sahsha : hehe... iyakkk lg sale,beli di catwalk - btc (bandung), mereka suka sale, sometimes kl ngulik dapet yang cantik2.
    @fifi : thx dear, i will add something i think so they can fit, will try anything haha..

  4. Ya ampun yang bener loe itu di bawah cepek? Penampakannya kayak at least IDR700,000. Lemes liatnya... Cantiiik.

  5. @NBGD : iyak :D mau dicoba pake school yang buat tapak kaki yang dari plastik bening nih, yg agak longgar sblh kiri doank,yg kanan fit. Er.. 75rb sik tepatnya :D