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Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY - Room Project Progress (Part 1)

I have so many stuff, and realize it. It was so messy lah my room! Seriously, everything is everywhere! And since i'm planning to get my own house (renting it first probably) i don't bother to buy anymore stuff. Just using the stuff that i already got to do this Room Make over.

So what did i do?

I re-arrange my room, which cost me NOTHING but muscle pain. <= Thanks to my laziness when it comes to work out.. du duu duuu... From early "today's outfit" section you guys realize that i put my vanity near my bath room right, and the mirror is right in front of the bathroom. Not clear enough but here's hint on my previous vanity section.

Collecting stuff and divided by its place, ex : vanity in one place ( i did it, but somehow it got messy every time, why oh why :D )

Using a theme! Ex : This month theme is blue, since i change my bedsheet to blue color, i covered up everything in blue. Next month is batik, so batik hunting is on <= Just another reason to shop, sadly i admit.

Humiliation begin! 

This was my room looks like for one year >.< (and i found the baby Belle pic daughter of the house manager,she is so cute, now she can talk, and already in pre-school)

 Next to my lappie corner is my refrigerator, now MOVED already :D
 NOW :D (after re-arrange)
I haven't got a chance to do a full make over, because i still hunting for the organizer, went to Ace Hardware, got few items that i like, but want to compare it with muji.
Right now i'm quite satisfied, my room looks bigger and of course tidier hehe... with ZERO dollar that is why this post is posted under DIY section.

Still look a bit messy, TV, below is my curler and dvd player, next is my dvd's rack (mostly romantic comedy, i'm helplessly romantic, need to upgrade my version of fairytale SOON, LOL), lappie, next is my vanity table, and spot where i take pic.

Next to it is, my refrigerator, bath room sink (wastafel), and my bath room.

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