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Friday, January 6, 2012

10-15 Minutes To Go Look

I'm a lazy person when it comes to make up. I'm too lazy to apply so many products to my face. I would like to just put moisturizer, TWC, blush on, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and lipgloss only. And when i got into one product it's so difficult for me to switch, therefore i used the same product over and over again. So i wouldn't bother to do 2011 favourite (unless anyone requested), but you guys already know, it's all mostly comes from Indonesian Brand.

And since i got a lot of "sudden" request of hang out, meeting, whatsoever, sometimes i got to do my face and get ready in short time. So i thought why not made a post about a quick make up. It's perfect to do when you are in a rush, or just late being somewhere, or early in the morning when you have to catch a bus to work.

I got inspired a lot by FOTD forum on FD, and looxperiment they both raving about white eyeliner. Uh huh.. since i didn't touch my beloved Inez white eyeliner pencil, why not??? Thanks is in order to both of them, they're amazing!!!!

Let's get started shall we?

I got a lot of product prepared, but ended up just using some of them, haha lazy me...  (Ended up for less than 10 products i believe, brush not included)

Face Section (approx 5 mins)
1 : LT PRO Cream Foundation - Yellow Orange, applied with finger and blend it with finger also.
2 : Covering the stress and tired look with Everyday Mineral - Purple, applied with index finger and blend it gently.
3 : Setting the foundation with Marck L/P in Creme, applied with ecotools brushes.

Eyes Section (approx. 3-5 mins)
1 :  NYX Jumbo Pencil in White as base, so my eyeliner gonna stand for hours. Decided not to use any eyeshadow on this look.
2 : Using Sari Ayu Duo Eyeliner and Mascara, line both my upper and lower lash. I like to use liquid eyeliner if i don't wanna touch up, because with the base and the texture, liquid tend to last longer than pencil eyeliner.
3 :  To brighten my eyes and make more drama to my eyes, i apply my beloved Inez White Eyeliner Pencil

4 : Curl my lashes with ELF eyelash curler
5 : Applied mascara, it's best to applied mascara after curl your lashes. Because if you curl it after mascara, the mascara stain will left in your curler's head and tend to break you lashes, makes it fall down.
6 : With RedA translucent powder highlight my nose bridge, cupid bow, and brow bone. If you want to save time, it's better to highlight your face than to contour it.

Cheek and Lip section (approx 3-5 mins)
Using the same palette, the old packaging of Wardah Lip Palette, using the first left row - pink color for my lips, applied with LYRA 03 painting brush. I like this brush so much, it's made from synthetic and easy to clean also perfect to line and fill the lips. Also with it's price approx. $1 what's not to love?
On to cheek, applied the mark color with unbranded brush, and blend! My face looks ridiculous before blending LOL.

My lips got a bit chappy, so i added lipgloss afterward.

I got my digicam back, my friend fix it for me. Thanks bro!!! And praying for JNE to quickly deliver the package from Make Up Tool, so i can throw my giveaway soon.

Let me know what you think ladies, do you find this post helpful? Thank you for sticking with me, have a great day my fantabulous!!!


  1. you have a really good lip shape! *W*

  2. I draw it dear, to make it looks even >.< hehe.. actually not that good. Thx for stoopping by XOXO

  3. Itu apaaaa?! Kok ada Wardah lip palette yang isinya lebih dari 8? Udah nggak produksi, yah? Gw juga punya Sari Ayu Duo Eyeliner and Mascara. It's a great eyeliner! Cuman gw masih kurang skill buat make-nya.

  4. @NggakBisaGituDonk : itu palette wardah yang lama kyknya, aku belinya awal tahun 2011. Sktr bulan 2 apa 3 gitu? Skrg diganti yang baru, padahal aku lebih suka kemasan yang baru >.<