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Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday i had a lot of gigs. Attending my best bud's wedding early in the morning. For the holy matrimony and straight to reception. Meet a lots of colleague and former classmates was always fun, huh?

Except the part that i only slept 3 hours the night before, well i'm grumpy and sleepy the whole day. Not good, especially after the wedding i have to attend @looxperiment #KelasDandan. I came late hiks.. because of the traffic. But gladly i didn't miss much. Yeay... I will do a separate post about this kelas dandan, because i forgot to take pictures i am planning to steal their pics :D hahaha...

Afterwards, i have another gig. Meeting up with my beloved Grown Up Club Miss them so, it;s so hard to find a time and place where everyone can meet up. We missed @KakaNina last night! But i am so happy, i can met my cute nephew, Mas Fatir.... I haven't met him since he was born, last July, bad Iie-Iie (Aunty in Mandarin).

Faces can't lie, i'm exhausted!!! But happy to meet my bencongs. Left : Nike, Center : Yosephine Maria, Right : Me :D
Love the idea of the standing lamp @ Plate For Me, A new cafe on Jalan Riau.
Wrong setting of my camera >.<
Late that night Momo, Firly, Niko, me, Dimas and Uwie and Mas Fatir already went home, my cute Fatir need his baby nap :)

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