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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Happy 1st Anniversary to My Blog

Happy New Year my dear fantabulus ladies, thanks for being patience with me through my beauty journey.

And Happy 1st Anniversary to my blog, i got a special thing on progress due to celebration. And hoped you guys as excited as i am.

In 2012, what i'm going to do with this blog are :

1. Fight my idiotech, already got 2 friends that willing to help me on this (by upgrading blog to website? <= still searching for the domain available ; learn to take pictures properly)
2. SAVE BUDGET, by finding alternatives on beauty products (now that i'm trying to save up to buy those high end make up, and will be less posting on drugstore make up anymore).
3. Make several LABELS, such as Fabulous find section, Mix and Match section so there'll be no more "tons of clothes but nothing to wear" drama >.< (walk the talk, already giving tips on how to cut budget while shopping outfit, but will do the posting on how i do it).
4. Lots of DIY project, currently i'm calculating budget to make over my room. This DIY project will includes budget (comes first, have to hiks), concept, execute the ideas, final look.
5. I'm attending more and more event to improve my skills and learning about make up, by joining and registered in several beauty class this year.
6. I'm still thinking hahaha...

And for the giveaway, be patience ladies, i'm "cooking" the concept right now, and selecting the stuff (maybe not much but this is a small things to show my appreciation for all of you my fantabulous).



  1. Happy 1st anniv and Happy bew year :)

  2. @fifi : Thx hun.. missin your posts anyway.. Happy New YEar to you too...

    @sahsha : thx for come by dear, and happy new year :)

  3. happy 1st anniversary Madaa!! and happy new year!!

  4. happy blog anniversary yaa...and happy new year...
    (telat...) hehehe

  5. @severus : thx dear XOXO
    @carryn : same to you, can't wait to read about your preparation of becoming mrs. Congrats ya dear.. XOXO