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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Lovely Hair Fall‐Free Hair

Udah 2 minggu pake rangkaian Dove Hair Fall Treatment. I’m a satisfied person.

Thank you Dove Indonesia.

Mau tahu kondisi rambutku sekarang?

Hitamnya sama (karena aku emang not a big fan of cat rambut dari dulu, I never dyed my hair for a long long time, actually aku cuman sekali pernah ngecat rambut tahun 2006). TAPI lebih glossy and shiny. Love it

Lihat deh helaiannya keliatan sehat dan glossy kan?
Kenapa sih aku keliatannya ribet banget soal rambut? Karena rambut itu salah satu simbol identitas. Banyak banget produk yang menjanjikan ini itu, dari mulai serum, masker, perawatan salon, dan ada
perawatan rambut yang nilainya ratusan ribu. We buy that, why? Because we need to look good. We need to smeels good.
Why waste your time and money, for something that you can do at home with less cash spent? Prestige? Prestige kalau bisa bayar hair stylist yang sekali potong rambut ratusan ribu? Prestige kalau
tiap kali ke salon bawanya produk perawatan rambut yang harganya bisa jutaan satu rangkaian? Well
even if I have the money, I won’t splurge on my hair. There’s a lot more that we can do, simply a nice bag or shoes worth my money better than just a series of hair treatment.

With Dove, my new partner for my Hair Journey I found it perfect. Worth my time and save my penny. I feel good, I feel like the word therapy that they put on every package of Hair Fall Series really suits me. I want to look “Cantik Tanpa Bangkrut”.

So I humbly recommend you to do your choice wisely. I had a second bottle of shampoo now. Karena shampoo Dove ku dipake ramerame, ama tetangga kost yang kebetulan my besties. She also really love it. Kamu pikir siapa yang fotofotoin post buat Hair Story aku? 
 Hehehe.. So we both tried, and you should too:)


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