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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I've been away lately. Been sick and hospitalized. And moving office. And(Indonesian Beauty Blogger) IBB stuff.

Busy like a bee, and yet i can't manage to keep blogging, i apologize to all of you.

In this post i would like to share my experience on CLINIQUE Lunch & Launch, as you already know on my previous post that me along with 4 other bloggers were exclusively invited by CLINIQUE Indonesia to sit down and have a meet and greet with Rick Felecia, Regional Education manager CLINIQUE Asia Pasific.

It's been GREAT HONOUR, truly. Thank you CLINIQUE Indonesia.

The venue is in one of my favourite restaurant in Jakarta, Remboelan VIP Room - Plasa Senayan Jakarta.
Rundown of the gathering was :
1. Question and Answer by Rick Felecia and bloggers.
2. Introducing Clinique best sellers, and new store concept *which I LIKE so much*
3. Rambling about IBB and histories of each bloggers.
4. Of course, eat.. till i can not tahan anymore *singlish* hahahaha...

This is some of the highlights of CLINIQUE that you must know.


How does Clinique reacts to Korean/Japanese Make up and Skincare that booming for these past 2 years? (Mada Foe)

Clinique stay true to its mission, “SKIN IS THE KEY and OUR PRODUCTS ALL ALLERGIC TESTED”.

Keep doing innovation such as, keep doing this program called “White Space Products”. What is it, it is a program where Clinique develop some formula to meet the certain needs of skin problem that costumer not even noticed yet. One example of big success from this program is Even Better Clinical Anti Dark Spot.


1. Based on the study that Clinique did, the main problems of skin for Indonesian woman are : Skin dullness => They complaint about a pile of dead skin cells on their face. In order to solve that, Indonesian women need to do exfoliation every day. But the exfoliation has to be in some percentage that still good for skin, Clinique has the Salicylic Acid in each of their products even make up.

2. Clinique Foundation : Even Better Foundation is NUMBER 1 Foundation Globally in 2012, beats Kanebo as runner up with 4 millions unit behinds.

3.Each of every Clinique products (skin care & make up) were tested in 7200 thousands people, 600 hundreds subjects and 12 times application. They will apply it on the people, and leave it for 48 hours, if one of the people showed allergic reaction Clinique will change the ingredients of their products.

And? Yes, my jaw is dropping too.. knewing that CLINIQUE Even Better Foudation is the most selling foundation in the whole world!!!


After Lunch we went to CLINIQUE counter and my eyes caught this new display and it's eye catching *sorry for bad resolution for the picture*
They have a special display of their bestsellers products, and the use of it. How convenient.

And as always my alter ego showed up hahaha... Meet gipsy woman, MADA :p
Tees : Jean Blue - Personal Shopper and OL Shop
Skirt : ITC Ambassador
Shoes : Charles & Keith
Bracelet and Turban : Plaza Semanggi
Bag : H&M

Anyway have you ever get ANNOYED by the shop asistant that following you everywhere inside the store. We know they mean well, but sometimes i personally feel like i'm being watched. And i don't like the feeling, don't you?

CLINIQUE understand!!!

They introduce the new concept of their counter which is

Mechanism :

First they have the CHOICE BAR, which is the place where they can choose one of the bracelet. Each color shows one impression.

Green is for : Consultation

Pink is for : I just want to browse the products ( then the Beauty Advisor will leave the costumer alone)

White : If you just want to grab a products and pay it at the register

For me? Of course as a blogger i would like to observe alone first, and then ask later so it's green for me..

Not just that, you can have FREE Skin Check and Consultation by dermatologist at CLINIQUE counter. Did i just heard yeahh? :D

Meet Yuna, she is observing her skin problem with CLINIQUE dermatologist. And i asked her later, she was really satisfy. Why? Because they did, check your skin with hygyenic tools and they take the time to really get into your skin problem. Every woman have different skin problems right?

Unfortunately, i have to go back to the office early. So i left earlier, and leave all the others *well.. some* still having skin diagnose. And CLINIQUE didn't let us go home empty handed. They want us to experience the number 1 most selling foundation in the whole world and their newest products which is quickliner and their Holy Grail moisturizer suit to all skin types - Moisture Surge.

PS : I swear to GOD that is the best EVER eyeliner i have ever taste. Used it into rave party (David Guetta, yes i f*ckn love party and clubbing LOL), 6 hours clubbing at Dragonfly Jakarta, and no smudging!
Will review it later fantabulous. Lalala... *smooches*


  1. well, I'm looking forward for ur review, mbak Mada^^
    Saya belum pernah nyoba clinique sebelumnya. Jadi penasaran ama foundienya.


    1. Iya.. foundienya enak. Tapi harus pake beberapa kali lagi baru aku mau review :)
      Blum dicoba di panas2an, so far baru dicoba di ruang berAC doank. Sabar ya :)

  2. Mak, gw kalo pake quickliner nggak bisa rapi. Ujungnya tumpul gede gitu, nggak bisa diraut pulak. Tapi emang kereng/tahan lama.