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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's Outfit and Random FOTD

Holla.. it's been ages since i post Today's Outfit and FOTD.

You guys know i really like it when cheap stuff can make a difference, not only in make up but in style.

Like i like to said darling... "Money can buy stuff BUT Money can not buy Style".
Well probably can buy you a Gangnam Style (video) hahahaha...

This post is as usual want to show off my cheap stuff, and can i say my trial and error mix and match stuff :p

Today's Outfit

See Trough Top : Plaza Semanggi - Less than $ 4 - around Rp 35.000 ^^
Jumpsuit : Sponsored by Jean Blue (Facebook Online Shop) - Free
Shoes : Delicious ( Bought it from some online shop from United States)
Ring : Let's hope you can see it *sorry.. grin*

Turned out pretty owkay huh?


When i came to Clozette Daily Launching.

Head Band : Plaza Semanggi $3 around Rp 25.000
Earrings : F21 $5.5 around Rp 45.000 to Rp 50.000 *quite forgot*

I always like things that can work more than one way, that's how you can get different look without having a lot of stuff and yeah.. spending your money. Let's just say, cost wise LOL..

I quite like the two looks that i created that night, when i came to Clozette Daily launching. More edgy look with the head band when i saw the fashion show they were having, and more sophisticated look without the head band when i have to mingle and talked with you know.. people from the business :)
(Note that i'm working now, i have a company big name to represent)

Now let's on to face shall we?


Foundation : Revlon Airbrush Foundation - Golden Beige
Cheek : NYX Cream Blush  - Orange


Inez eyeshadow quad - Vienna
False Lashes from Make Up Tool
Clinique Quickliner for eyes intense - Black
Cover Girl  Lash Blast Fusin Mascara
Revlon eye shadow  - you guys know this (pretty old stuff of mine) for eyebrow.


Make Up Forever - 42

YES, you read it correctly i wore no primer neither for face and eyes. Because i want to test the durability and endurance of the two babies Revlon Foundation and Clinique Eyeliner. And i didn't use any powder to set it.

See you in another post, my dear Fantabulous!!!


  1. YAY for red lips! sexy banget ce pake red lips, i'm not brave enough to wear them XD
    ditunggu ah review fondi nyaaa~


  2. Trial and error? More like trial and fantabulous! : ) Love it! Love it! You make such a fashion statement with just a little investment. That's also my goal at Jean Blue, to help my customers to be able to purchase quality and stylish clothing without breaking the bank! Your motto about money can buy you stuff but not buy style is so true. You keep giving the people ideas on how to be fashionable and I'll keep giving them the clothes to do it with!

    Thanks again,
    Jean Blue


    1. Yeay.. we're officially partner in crime, Mak!

      You outfit is always fabulous
      Thank you so much for hook me up :)

  3. U have gorgeous lips shape, mbak Mada
    The lipstick just enhance the beauty of ur natural lips^^
    I like ur outfit and ur make up


    1. Thanks dear for the compliment.
      Love to read your blog too :)

  4. love your red lips! you look gorgeous!

  5. Kerenyaaaa...selalu menginspirasi nih mbak Mada