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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Removing Make Up with #1 Brand in America - ALMAY

The new babies to removes make up from Local Brand is Shikada and Finesse both from MITU. You can read the review here SHIKADA REVIEW

The difference between them is tiny *not significant ingredients* and amount. Shikada has 30 sheets while Finesse only has 10 sheets, perfect for travelling, IMHO.

Now, the Western Brand review.

ALMAY Make Up Remover

They claim that they're the #1 Brand in America for removing make up.

Key Ingredients : Aloe Vera which is very good for moisturizing skin.
(I believe all my readers are tech savvy, so they can google the ingredients on their own)

Contains : 80 round sheets.

Price : Less than $10 - I bought it for Rp 80.000 early this year.
(Currency $1 = Rp 9.200)

Texture is oily, like no other make up remover that more wet. But i think that what's make it removes even waterproof mascara so easily.

It's a matter of preference, i though like it when my make up remover tissue or pad not so oily.

See the oily texture? It give stain to my finger every time i grab one pad.

Let's see it's power, shall we?

I use heavy eye make up, waterproof eyeliner and mascara and BB cream Skin 79 only on my face. Believe me, my mascara contains fiber that makes it harder to remove (will review it later, clue it's called Lash A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4D Mascara :p)

Result :

Tada............... :D
I looked like someone just punched me... LOL!

My two cents :

1. I prefer this Make up remover only for removing eye make up only, it is too small and too unconvenient if i used it to clean the whole face. The pad is a bit small for it, so the perfect usage is to remove eye make up.

2. I found it BEST to, use it only put it for about 30 seconds on my eyes and gently removes it. Not removing the eye area with circular motion whatsoever. Remember eye area is sensitive, we don't want the stain of the make up or eyeliner or mascara drop to our under eyes. It can cause dark circle in long term. Uh Oh...

3. I can perfectly use one pad to remove both eyes, and bye bye waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

After this, of course i also use Cleansing Milk to removes all the foundation and etc. Then i move on with my facial wash.

Now, share with me your favourite Make Up Remover, please ^^


  1. nice review! :D
    too bad this brand is not available in into :p
    i used to have a make up remover from clinique and it's awesome, works well and not so oily :p


    1. Actually my favourite make up remover is Baby Oil :p
      I just tried this out of curiosity and the gimmick for putting the #1 Brand in America on the packaging. Turn out i love it, but not LLOOOVEE it *get the point right?* Hehehehe...

  2. Aku nunggu review mascaranya L'oreal itu kak...#LostFocus
    Pengen beli (mascara itu) tapi belum sreg,nunggu reviewmu dulu ah ;)